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Public Participation Strategy 2008 – 2011

Castle Craig Hospital is focused on delivering a consistently high standard of healthcare, providing rapid access to treatment and good outcomes for those seeking treatment for addictive disease.

We constantly endeavour to achieve continuous improvement of the care and services we offer to patients and their families who are referred to us from Scotland, other parts of the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Patient and Family Participation

Castle Craig is committed to a policy of promoting participation in the planning and delivery of its services.

Participation has already been incorporated into our hospital’s vision, values and Charter of Patient Rights. We believe that our patients have important comments to make about their treatment at Castle Craig. We also believe that those who are suffering from addiction and their families have important views about the type of treatment they want. We want to hear and respond to these comments and where we can direct our resources to support these suggestions we will do so.

Patient Choice

Castle Craig also endorses the principle of patient choice. When you choose to be admitted to our 12 Step treatment programme you choose to embrace that ethos. We in turn will respect your right to exercise your choice and encourage you to be engaged in the planning and evaluation of your care. In addition we request feedback from our partners who refer to our service in order that our joint working may realise the fullest benefits for our patients.

In developing this policy and by involving our partners we are confident that we will maintain our already high standards, consolidate our work and expand the services at the hospital.

Participation Documents and Reports