Alcohol & Drug Abuse Facts

The costs of alcohol to the NHS & society

  • 1.1 million people in England were admitted to hospital in 2009/10 because of alcohol – a rise of 879 per day compared with five years ago. Source: Making alcohol a health priority. Opportunities to reduce alcohol harms and rising costs. Alcohol Concern. January, 2011.
  • The risks of alcohol misuse place a huge burden on the NHS at an estimated cost of around £2.7 billion a year. Source: Investing in Alcohol Treatments: Reducing costs and saving lives. Alcohol Concern, 2010.
  • Alcohol misuse is estimated to cost Scotland £2.25 billion per year in extra services across the NHS, police, courts, social services and lost economic productivity. Source:
  • Alcohol problems cost Scotland an estimated £2.25 billion per year in NHS, social work, police, emergency services, and the wider economic and human costs. – Alcohol Focus Scotland, 2008,

Alcohol consumption in the UK

Access to residential rehab

Children & alcoholism

Gambling addiction

There are estimated to be 360,000 – 451,000 problem gamblers in the UK and this figure is rising.

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