Meet the Team

Staff At Our Residential Rehab Centre

Rehabilitation begins with people, which is why our most unique resource is our staff of caring and deeply committed individuals. Some have moved thousands of miles in order to join in our work and some are former patients who have been through treatment at Castle Craig and want to use their experiences and skills to help our patients.

Castle Craig has a unique family atmosphere and our staff are passionate about helping people begin new abstinent lives and helping to rebuild broken family relationships.


Dr. Margaret McCann Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Dr. Margaret McCann
CEO & Co-Founder
Peter McCann
Peter McCann
dominic mccann
Dominic McCann
Head of Development
Jonathan Chick
Prof. Jonathan Chick
Medical Director
Associate medical director
Dr. Maria Kelly
Associate Medical Director
Dr. Florian Kaplick
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr. Glynis Read PhD
Treatment Coordinator
head nurse
Dawn Dixon
Head Nurse
Jose Pereira
Jose Pereira
Head Therapist
senior therapist
Phillip Baron
Men's Unit Lead Therapist
Roseanne Boyle
Women's Unit Lead Therapist
therapist at castle craig
Aureol Gillan
Senior Therapist
addiction therapist
Tom Bennett
Senior Therapist
Senior Staff Nurse
Guy Heath
Senior Staff Nurse
addiction therapist
Tony Marini
Jim Ferguson - Addiction therapist
Jim Ferguson
Lindsay Wilson - Therapist at Castle Craig Hospital
Lindsay Wilson
Denise Kennedy - Therapist at Castle Craig Hospital
Denise Kennedy
Sandra Hemus- Therapist at Castle Craig
Sandra Hemus
Senior Staff Nurse
Duncan Dewar
Senior Staff Nurse
addiction therapist
Jason Lumb
Louise Forrest Therapist
Louise Forrest
Gerard Mulrooney
Paul Durkin - therapist
Paul Durkin
Victoria Wood - addiction therapist
Victoria Wood
Jack McDonald
Sharon Lacey - Staff Nurse at Castle Craig Hospital
Sharon Lacey
Staff Nurse
Staff Nurse at Castle Craig Hospital
Ewa Raton
Staff Nurse
Donna Campbell Senior Nurse Assistant
Donna Campbell
Senior Nurse Assistant
Art Group Facilitator at Castle Craig Hospital
Catriona Taylor
Art Group Facilitator
Audrey Grant Therapist
Audrey Grant
Gordon Hogg - Visiting Therapist at Castle Craig Hospital
Gordon Hogg
Visiting Therapist
Victoria McCann Communications Executive
Victoria McCann
Communications Manager
Jillian Johnstone - Admissions Manager
Jillian Johnstone
Admissions Manager
Alison McDougall - Admissions at Castle Craig Hospital
Alison McDougall
Admissions Officer
Clinical Communications Executive
Andrei Zamfir
Clinical Comms Exec
Donald Whitaker
Donald Whitaker
Service Dev. Manager
Yoga Trainer at Castle Craig Hospital
Joanne Sutherland
Personal Trainer
Fitness Instructor at Castle Craig hospital
David Kilgour
Fitness Instructor
Castle Craig Hospital - Medical Secretary
Jennifer Way
Medical Secretary
Christina Walker - Transport Manager
Christina Walker
Transport Manager
Bruce Tait - IT Manager at Castle Craig Hospital
Bruce Tait
IT Manager
Chris Burn
Christopher Burn
Creative Writing Coordinator
Linda Hill Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Supervisor
Linda Hill
PTSD Supervisor
Scott Shields -Accountant at Castle Craig Hospital
Scott Shields



This is a full list of all our Staff Members