Why see a psychiatrist for addiction?From its founding over 25 years ago, it was envisaged that Castle Craig would become a place of hope and healing for those suffering from addictive disease and for their families.

In turn, the board of Castle Craig would adopt a commitment to providing an effective treatment programme and the highest standards of medical and clinical care.

The founders’ vision for Twelve Step treatment in the UK began in 1981 when along with other trustees they formed a charity in England and for 5 years directed an addiction rehabilitation clinic, Clouds House, which is still operational today under new directors.

Their vision was influenced by their Christian commitment, the philosophy of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the effectiveness in the US of 12 Step based treatment often called the Minnesota Model. This treatment provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to the care of the individual recognising and addressing their medical and psychological condition as well their spiritual and emotional needs.

The spirituality of the Twelve Steps has its roots in the Christian tradition.  However, 12 Step Treatment has been widely adopted by all people whether their faiths are religious or non-religious.

Castle Craig continues to cherish the original Christian and spiritual heritage which shaped its work. We also recognise the uniqueness of each person and their right to pursue their own definition of a ‘Higher Power’, and their own definition of meaning and spirituality.