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Castle Craig Hospital

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A comfortable, restful environment that embraces calm and tranquillity to encourage change

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At Castle Craig, we believe that a rehab clinic should be a comfortable, restful environment with a homely feel and a thriving community of patients and staff, based upon a bedrock of excellent medical and therapeutic care.

A unique programme setting

Located in Peeblesshire, Scotland. Castle Craig is an 18th-century country house set in 50 acres of private parkland near the village of Blyth Bridge, around 20 miles south of Edinburgh. 

We know that attending an addiction treatment programme is an extremely tough ask. We know that our patients and their peers are often extremely vulnerable and need time out from their work and home lives to recover.

Peter McCann, the founder of Castle Craig, believed that he had found theperfectt location for his hospital when we first saw Castle Craig.

At Castle Craig, we adopt a holistic approach to recovery. All patients are encouraged to walk in the grounds and visited our very own recovery garden, the pony field and the rolling fields and woodland that surround the main house.

In summer, weather permitting some groups and individual one to one therapy sessions are held in the gardens where possible.

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Map of Buildings and Delivery to Castle Craig Estate

Research shows exposure to Nature often Helps with addiction and cravings

There have been many studies published that demonstrate the mental and physical benefits of exposure to nature. UK research into ecotherapy (treatment that involves doing activities outside) has shown it can help with mild to moderate depression.

The charity MIND states that a few hours a week in the countryside not only reduces stress and loneliness but can be used to effectively treat mild depression in adults.

Set only 30 minutes from the city of Edinburgh our hospital is set in about 50 acres of rolling countryside that is both picturesque and peaceful.

Patients walking in our grounds

Close enough to get to, far away enough to getaway

We are close enough to be easily accessed, but sufficiently far away to ensure that our patients are afforded both privacy and the opportunity to concentrate on recovery,  leaving the cares of the world behind them for the next 28 days. See example day at Castle Craig.

We know recovery from addiction is very possible and welcome all new patients to Castle Craig.

Virtual tour of Castle Craig, highlighting some of our other facilities

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