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Focal Therapists At Castle Craig

Your Focal Therapist

At Castle Craig, we have many counsellors and therapists who specialise in addiction treatment and intensive psychotherapy. Our therapeutic team are there to help you overcome your addiction and any co-occurring issues by offering targeted care. 

All patients are appointed a skilled and experienced focal psychotherapist from our team.

Your therapist oversees your recovery programme from the earliest stage through to your continuing care plan. All additional therapy sessions are allocated in line with clinical recommendations and therapist availability. More on one to one therapy.

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The Role Of A Focal Therapist  

Your focal therapist will be available to you throughout your stay and work with you to formulate a treatment plan that suits your needs and look closely at the areas that require the most focus.  

In addition to constructing a treatment plan that suits your needs, your focal therapist will also liaise with your family members (with your permission) to keep them involved in the treatment process.

They will help arrange your family’s visit to Castle Craig for family therapy or Zoom therapy sessions. Family members are also invited to our Family Recovery Workshop weekends which take place online and are run by our talented Senior Specialist Therapist, Teri Lyn Fairnie.

Our Highly-Qualified Practitioners  

Many of our certified addiction therapists at Castle Craig have personal recovery experience. Their ability to understand and relate to patients on this level makes them the best people to help them begin their recovery journey. Our therapists are practitioner members or are accredited with BACP and COSCA, and some have further accreditations such as university Masters degrees. 

All members of staff, including therapists and counsellors, are trained to use a discreet and sensitive approach with patients, encouraging them to open up about matters they may find difficult to share within a group setting. Permanent staff include EMDR and CBT trained psychotherapists.

How Often Will I See My Therapist? 

While group therapy plays a key role in treating addiction, individual therapy is an opportunity for patients to discuss sensitive and private matters more openly. One-to-one therapy is designed to help patients address deeper issues to resolve the underlying causes of addiction. Unlike many other rehab clinics, Castle Craig offers two individual therapy sessions per week, totalling eight hours throughout a four-week stay.

Your focal therapist will be available to frequently meet with you and shape your personalised treatment programme as you progress. See 1 to 1 therapy.

Individual therapy is an opportunity to explore issues including:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Trauma /Grief 
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Body Image and self-esteem 
  • Relationships

How Many Therapists Will I Have?  

During your stay, you will participate in group sessions, each run by different Castle Craig therapists. However, any individual psychotherapy sessions will be conducted by your focal therapist for the duration of your programme.  

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