Welcome to Castle Craig’s Paris Addiction Recovery Workshop

Castle Craig’s Paris Addiction Recovery Workshop is a 6-week programme for English speakers in Paris who struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Participation is open to all who would like to get support on their journey to sobriety. This includes both those who are new to recovery and those who might already have some time sober.

Workshop participants will meet twice a week in the evenings for small group sessions lead by Colleen Kelly; a licensed addiction therapist with 20+ years experience in treating substance abuse and in mental health.

Each session will cover topics related to the challenges of early recovery. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about various psycho-educational topics related to addiction, and to talk about their recovery journey under the direction of an experienced group facilitator and therapist.

Our Mission:

Addiction is a chronic illness that affects both the mind and body, and our guiding principle at the Paris Recovery Workshop is that abstinence is essential for long-lasting recovery. When faced alone, the obstacles and challenges of early sobriety can seem overwhelming, but having the support of a group can help you navigate these hurdles and keep you on the right path. Our workshop aims to provide a safe and structured space to help those at any stage of their recovery journey with evidence-based information, clinical support and hope for recovery from addiction.

Paris Addiction Recovery Workshop Staff

Lead Clinician and Group Facilitator

Colleen M. Kelly is an American psychotherapist and clinical outreach consultant based in Paris, France. She has worked in the substance abuse and mental health field in a variety of clinical settings for over twenty years. Her experience includes several years serving on the clinical staff at Promises Treatment Center in West Los Angeles, as well as over a decade of being a regular addiction group facilitator at PCH Treatment Center, Cirque Lodge Utah, Milestones Ranch Malibu, Bridges to Recovery, Harmony Place, Avalon Malibu, AiR, Pacific Quest, Transcend, Riviera Recovery, Visions Adolescent Treatment, and Resolutions among many others.

For more information about Colleen: www.colleenkellymft.com

Programme Coordinators

Martha L. Frazier is an American project manager and consultant based in Paris who has lived and worked in France since 2011. She has over ten years experience in the recovery community and in helping small businesses develop and improve operations. Her most recent projects include working with the Association Artistique Parisienne as a program developer for adult continuing education courses and working as an operations consultant for a Parisian start-up that facilitates the socio-professional integration of refugees – Café Bienvenue.

Rebecca A. Apperson has worked on numerous projects academically and professionally with a focus international public health, political psychology, mental health and wellbeing, and substance use prevention and education among young people. A former international researcher and program development director for a young women’s trauma program, Ms. Apperson has gained multi-sector experience through publication development, monitoring and evaluation, screening development, and policy analysis in the private, public, and international sectors.

Dates, Location, and Price:

Location: 6th Arrondissement of Paris, metro Notre-Dame-des-Champs

Begins:  January 22, 2019

Ends: February 26, 2019

Price: 450€ TTC

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