Making a referral to Castle Craig is straightforward and our admissions staff and medical staff are available to help you at every step of the way

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Castle Craig Hospital is committed to ensuring the provision of the highest quality medical care to our patients from the pre-admission stage through to discharge.  Our dedicated staff will strive to ensure the admission process is safe and without unnecessary delays.

The most important step in the referral process is gathering information about the prospective patient.  

Written medical information from the patient’s GP (family doctor) is usually requested – and our admissions staff can arrange this on a patient’s behalf.  This keeps us in line with British Medical Association (BMA) best practice guidelines.

Referrals for Private Patients

If you want to pay for your treatment privately then we will request some relevant medical information from you or your GP.  This helps us to learn about your current condition, and relevant medical history and helps to ensure your safety.  

Overall responsibility for admissions lies with our Medical Director or one of our Consultant Psychiatrists.

Referrals for NHS Patients

Although Castle Craig is a private clinic, if you wish to be treated through the NHS then your GP will have to refer you to your local addiction services who will arrange a meeting with you before a referral is made.

Referrals for Patients with Medical Insurance

If you have private medical insurance then our admissions staff will help to liaise with your insurance company.  

A letter of referral to Castle Craig from your GP may be required as part of the process.