West Yorkshire – Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield

Substance Abuse Assistance in West Yorkshire and the Cities of Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield

Substance abuse affects many people in West Yorkshire, either directly or indirectly. Evidence of alcohol and drug abuse is not unusual to encounter, especially in populous cities such as Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield. Misuse of drugs or alcohol can lead to addiction, and not everyone knows how to get help in that situation.

Addiction rehab in West Yorkshire and the Cities of Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield

What drugs or substances can a person get addicted to?

Addiction is a disease that knows few boundaries and can affect anyone. Most people know that addiction is common with alcohol or drug misuse, but many forget, or are not aware, that behavioural addiction (or process addiction) is quite common as well.

Some people with serious addictions can develop multiple addictions at the same time – this is known as cross-addiction.

Drug addiction can come in many forms. At first, people think of illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine or meth, but one can get addicted to legal substances as well. Prescription-drug addictions are not uncommon, especially since they are so readily prescribed in the modern day. Some examples of problematic prescription drugs are sleeping pills, benzodiazepines and painkillers such as codeine. Even select OTC (over-the-counter) medications and household chemicals can be addictive.

There are also many behavioural or process addictions, such as hoarding, overeating, gambling, and sex addiction.


How do I know when to get help?

When in doubt, sooner is always better. At Castle Craig Hospital, we believe it is never too soon to ask for help. Being aware of the problem is the first step to resolving it. If you find yourself concerned, it may be a good idea to check yourself for signs of addiction. After all, fixing a problem as serious as addiction is much easier at the very beginning, before it causes damage to yourself or those around you.

One of the key signs to watch out for is cravings. When a constant craving for a substance or behaviour develops, it may be a sign that your brain or body has become dependent. Over an extended period of use, the body will crave more and more of the substance. Tolerance can build quickly, especially with alcohol or drugs, when you find yourself drinking or using on a regular basis, and/or bingeing on the substance.

People with addiction problems find themselves constantly preoccupied with finding or planning their next fix. Thus, they may start to neglect their work, social life, health or appearance. To avoid concern from friends or family, they may also become secretive or dishonest about their actions.

Those who develop an addiction and become aware of it often try to solve the problem themselves on their own. However, without the right support and intrinsic motivation, addicted individuals end up failing. Emotional stress, peer pressure or severe withdrawal symptoms can also be reasons why relapse can happen when a person is fighting an addiction alone.

If quitting on your own isn’t working, it is time to get professional help.


Where can I go for help with addiction in West Yorkshire? What about Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield?

Most areas of West Yorkshire have resources to assist people with addiction. There are NHS-based services, charities, fellowships, therapists and private residential rehabs. Every person has their own preference regarding treatment, and while there is no wrong way to ask for help, some options may work better than others in certain situations.

A Leeds-based alcohol and drug service, Forward Leeds is open during most days of the week and offers a variety of services from harm reduction to recovery. They can provide assistance to both adults and young people.

Help or individuals with addiction and their families can be found at GASPED, a registered charity in Wakefield. They also have a 24-hour helpline that is completely confidential.

Bradford is home to The Bridge Project, a charity aimed at helping people at every step of the way throughout their journey to recovery. Their website also has links to other West Yorkshire resources, including other services in Bradford, Leeds, and Keighley.

Project 6, based throughout West Yorkshire, is a charity that works alongside the Bridge Project helping people with drug and alcohol addictions. They also offer a wide variety of services, including harm reduction and assistance for those with a dual-diagnosis.