Admissions from the EU / EEA

Castle Craig welcomes international patients

Castle Craig treats patients from everywhere, and over the years we have welcomed patients from nearly every European country. Patients coming to Castle Craig from within the European Union will sometimes fund treatment privately, or sometimes their private health insurance will cover the costs of treatment.

Since October 2013 it has become easier for citizens of European Union member states to have their treatment at Castle Craig funded by their national healthcare system. This is because of the European Cross-Border Healthcare Directive.

What is the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive?

In October 2013, the Cross-border Healthcare Directive came into effect across the European Union. The Directive clarifies the rights of EU/EEA citizens seeking access to healthcare in other EU/EEA states, including treatment for alcoholism and other addictions. Under the directive, EU/EEA citizens that want to travel abroad for treatment can claim reimbursement from their home healthcare providers.

How to Access treatment under the CBD?

Castle Craig is a world-renowned and major addiction service provider in Scotland, as well as a member of the Scottish Independent Hospital Association. It is regulated by “Healthcare Improvement Scotland” and the latest Inspection Reports are excellent.

It is also ISO 9001 internationally accredited. Castle Craig provides the highest quality of addiction health care and the range of facilities and services can be found on the website. The treatment and medical healthcare of patients are under the management of consultant psychiatrists supported by 24/7 on-site medical officers and the nursing team. Professional staff are registered by the General Medical Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Council.  

Every patient is allocated an individual therapist.

Castle Craig Hospital facilitates the use of the Cross Border Healthcare Directive for EU/EEA persons outside of the UK.

The procedure for gaining access to treatment at Castle Craig will differ from country to country. You are therefore advised to first contact the National Contact Point of your home country, who can inform you of your entitlements and the administrative procedure for claiming reimbursement. Underneath are the links to all the National Contact Points in the EU:

Austria Greece Norway
Belgium Hungary Poland
Bulgaria Iceland Portugal
Croatia Ireland Romania
Cyprus Italy Slovakia
 Czech Republic Latvia Slovenia
Denmark  Liechtenstein* Spain
Estonia Lithuania Sweden
Finland Luxembourg  United Kingdom
France Malta  
Germany Netherlands  

*Liechtenstein is not yet obliged to create an NCP and has provided no information about it.

It is a matter for you or your medical advisers to agree that Castle Craig is the appropriate facility to meet your needs.

Your decision to use the Directive maybe because of waiting lists and lack of treatment availability at home or as the EU Directive states “in order to have access to a different method of treatment than that provided in the Member State of affiliation or because they believe that they will receive better quality healthcare in another Member State”. The decision may also be based on the credentials of our staff, the quality of our care and treatment and excellent outcomes.

The Directive normally requires that the costs of treatment will be paid by the individual and the patient then seeks reimbursement for the cost of the health care upon return to their home country. 

However, the Directive also provides the option for home funders to pay for the treatment directly, so check with your National Contact Point about this. Reimbursements will be made in line with published reimbursement rates available from the National Contact Point, information which must be made clear to the patient upon request.

If there should be administrative difficulties, staff at Castle Craig can provide assistance and advice. If you feel a decision was wrongly taken, every EU healthcare provider has official appeal procedures that can be utilised; and the EU SOLVIT organisation may also be able to provide a solution in such cases.

We will be more than pleased to provide you with further information regarding treatment at Castle Craig. You may need more information about the Cross Border process and our admissions offices can provide you with assistance, including arranging assessments either personally or by video-conferencing.

In the first instance, we would invite you to fill in as much of the online pre-admission form as you can and submit it to us or alternatively simply pick up a telephone and call us on 00 44 (0)1721 725375 and ask for Jillian or Alison.

With regard to travel, we are within easy reach of Edinburgh railway station and international airport. We can also arrange to pick up patients and their families.

Information for Medical Practitioners about the Directive

There is a wide body of information about the directive written specifically for doctors and other healthcare professionals.  One source that we would draw your attention to is the following page by the British Medical Association:

You can learn more about our European sister rehabs

Page published: August 7, 2019. Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked January 14, 2022