Treatment Costs & Packages

The cost of rehab may vary depending on what stage of treatment you enter. We have different packages available for each client, which includes the cost of treatment, stay, and amenities.

Single Room

  • A 12 week package will cost from £35,760
  • A 6 week package will cost from £29,720

Twin Room

  • A 12 week package will cost from £25,080
  • A 6 week package will cost from £22,820

Shared Room

  • A 12 week package will cost from £21,440
  • A 6 week package will cost from £17,360

Executive Programme

The Executive Programme is the most exclusive, and bespoke option available at Castle Craig Hospital. Visit here for more detail.

  • A 6 week package will cost from £56,120
  • A 4 week package will cost £37,850

Castle Craig is a social enterprise which strives to serve the patients, families and the clinicians who use and need our addiction treatment services.

We aim to keep the price of treatment as affordable as possible, and to help people who are struggling to afford the cost of residential addiction treatment.  This means that what we charge for treatment is often lower than at other treatment centres. However, we will always provide the highest quality of treatment, of comfort and of safety for our clients.

For full information about the cost of treatment at Castle Craig, please contact us by phone or email.

What if I can’t afford residential treatment?

For patients or families who struggle to afford residential rehabilitation, we are able to discuss alternative and more affordable treatment options, and to give advice on funding options such as cross-border healthcare and funding via statutory services (NHS and social services).  For more information please contact us by phone or email.

Length of Stay

Your recommended length of stay will be determined by your doctor. Patient choice and circumstances are also factors in determining a length of stay at Castle Craig.

Our standard Intensive Treatment Programme lasts for 6 weeks, and our Extended Treatment Programme starts from 4 weeks.

A minimum commitment of 4 weeks’ treatment is required of all patients.