Face to Face Counselling via Webcam

Patients who have completed residential addiction treatment are most vulnerable in the first few months after discharge. The reintegration back into everyday life is challenging. Teletherapy is an additional continuing care service which Castle Craig offers to patients to consolidate their recovery.

Teletherapy as part of your continuing care plan

Through the medium of teletherapy we can offer you continuing care via online video conferencing in your own home, with a trained addiction therapist from Castle Craig.

We provide individual therapy sessions which are available to purchase as part of the continuing care plan. We can also provide family therapy sessions via teletherapy, on request.

Our teletherapy service is based on 12-step facilitation and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

What approach is used in the teletherapy sessions?

Your therapist will use a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach to explore links between thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms and behaviours. The aim of CBT is to help you to realistically evaluate your negative thoughts and unhelpful behaviours and find alternative coping strategies. As you re-engage with your work colleagues, family and society after leaving treatment you will experience many challenges and threats to your recovery. In the safe and confidential setting of teletherapy you will be able to address and explore your feelings in a supportive environment.

What equipment do I need to connect?

The main requirements are a good internet connection and a webcam (which can also be from a smart phone, tablet or laptop).

Is the line secure?

Castle Craig uses a system that meets recommended standards to protect the privacy and security of teletherapy sessions.

Who will I be speaking to?

Teletherapy takes place with a Castle Craig therapist who has familiarised themselves with your case in advance. If possible we will introduce you to your teletherapist whilst in treatment, in order to familiarise you with them, and arrange the first session prior to discharge.

How much does it cost?

The teletherapy programme consists of ten individual videoconferencing therapy sessions which are available to purchase for £650 for a full programme of 10 sessions. Each session lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Teletherapy may be covered through your health insurance, please ask our Admissions team for more information.

What do the 10 session programme involve?

Our teletherapy programme guides you through the following:

  • Surrender and Acceptance: implementing the principles of recovery (2 sessions)
  • Triggers to relapse; high risk situations – peoples, places, things (1 session)
  • Implementing alternative coping strategies, managing negative moods, anger and depression (2 sessions)
  • Exploring opportunities to renew relationships; enhancing social support network systems (2 sessions)
  • Relapse prevention; contingency planning for emergencies (2 sessions)
  • Moving forward, review of your continuing care plan (1 session).

Does teletherapy work?

Evidence shows that those that have completed 2 to 6 weeks in treatment can be vulnerable to relapse when returning home. Whilst you will have addressed many issues in treatment and broken the denial system, returning to your home community can be a testing time not only for the patient but also their families. We introduced teletherapy counselling at the request of our patients. Our research has shown that 71% of those that participated in further counselling via teletherapy have had sustained sobriety.

Read what our past patients think of Teletherapy:

“Whilst I had been advised it may be difficult when I got home, I had not realised how difficult it would be in returning to my relationship and job. Without continued counselling I don’t think I would have got through it as during my counselling sessions we were able to look at my returning to old behaviours and to work on my new attitude. I also benefited from CBT which helped me to continue with changing my thinking, thoughts and feelings.”


“I returned home with the opinion that I did not need any more counselling. The first week was ok but when everybody got used to me being home I found it difficult. I needed someone to understand and to continue to reinforce what I had learnt in treatment. I rang Castle Craig in the second week and signed up for 10 sessions that were so useful that I signed up for another 10. I am clean today and attend AA and have a sponsor. Very grateful.”


“Whilst I worked on a lot of issues at Castle Craig I realised I had more to do. I was able to have a therapist that took me through the next part of the journey. I was unable to go to the secondary unit due to work commitments and teletherapy was invaluable in helping me reintegrate into my family and the world.”


Contact Us for More Information

Teletherapy is available to patients who have completed treatment at Castle Craig. Please contact ourAdmissions Team to find out more about booking a set of teletherapy sessions.