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To help you along in the rehab process, we've collected a number of common questions and answers. 

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Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call our admissions staff - or check our other FAQ pages below:

What Is the Admissions Process?

Please visit our admissions webpage for more details. To speak to our Admissions Consultants please call between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Rehab for a loved one?

More: Helping someone get into rehab or common signs of addiction to look out for.

How Do I Arrange Payment?

Payment arrangements vary with each patient depending on whether you are self-funding, paying via private healthcare insurance, or coming via another source of funding. Our admissions team will be happy to give you advice. 

Can I Bring My Car?

If you are arriving by car you should be driven by a family member or friend. You will usually not be allowed to park a car here for an extended period of time.

Can My Family Visit or Call?

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are unfortunately not able to have family visits as this could increase the risk of spreading the virus. At certain times of the day you will be able to make phone calls with your mobile or the pay phone. All this information will be given to you in our pre-admissions information booklet. 

Can I Use My Phone?

Mobile phones are handed into the medical centre and can be used from time to time to make calls. During Covid isolation, patients may have their phones. Patients may make and receive phone calls from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm and pay telephones are also available for outgoing calls.  

We advise against telephone calls for the first week of treatment to allow patients time to settle into the programme without any outside pressures.

Enquiries can always be made to the nurse on duty or a patient’s therapist.

When your phone has been used as part of your addiction (e.g. gambling; 'internet addiction'), personal phones are countertherapeutic and are not permitted.

Can I Receive Mail?

Patients may send and receive mail; packages must be opened in the presence of a nurse. 

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What Clothes Should I Bring?

We advise you to bring ‘smart casual’, easily maintained clothes for everyday use.

Casual wear and trainers are recommended for use during fitness sessions and sensible footwear is needed for walking in the grounds.

Slippers and a dressing gown (bathrobe) are a good idea in autumn and winter. Please bring nightwear and toiletries for your stay. We provide towels and bed linen.

How Will I Do My Laundry?

You will have access to self-serve laundry facilities at a small cost. Whilst in detox, laundry is taken care of by our staff.

Can I Smoke?

The law in Scotland does not permit smoking inside the buildings at Castle Craig Hospital which is a non-smoking hospital. We provide sheltered smoking areas outside the main buildings for patients. We offer smoking cessation therapy to those who wish to stop smoking.

Rolling tobacco is not permitted at Castle Craig Hospital as it also may conceal drugs such as cannabis

Can I Use a Vape?

Patients at Castle Craig are permitted to use vapes but only single-use disposable vapes may be used, which can be purchased at our shop. Patients may not bring their own vapes and these will be removed during the admission process if brought in.

Can I Buy Toiletries?

We have an onsite shop where you can buy toiletries, snacks, books, postcards, pens, stamps and some clothing.

Can I Bring Vitamins and Food Supplements?

Vitamins and Food Supplements

These will be prescribed to patients where there is a specific evidence-based requirement. Patients who wish to continue such supplements while at Castle Craig Hospital should bring them in commercially sealed containers that will be checked by the staff. Patients may keep them securely in their personal safes for their sole use (the safes are not large). If they are not in sealed containers, your relative will be asked to take them away or they will be destroyed by our pharmacy.

Dentist and Other Appointments

Only emergency dental appointments will be arranged through the hospital during your stay. Other non-emergency appointments should be deferred or may be undertaken by special arrangements and you will have to pay for these additional costs.

Can I Visit the Optician?

You should ensure your glasses are suitable as we cannot arrange optician appointments.

Are There Any Additional Extras to Pay for Treatment During My Stay?

Our core treatment programme is all-inclusive of accommodation, detox, therapy, and use of facilities. There are some additional extras which include private prescriptions (not funded by the NHS), aromatherapy, kinetic chain release therapy and connective tissue release therapy are available by referral from £47.00 per appointment. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is at an additional cost. For the full list of extras please ask Admissions.

What Happens at the End of My Treatment?

Castle Craig thoroughly prepares patients before departure and a personalised continuing care plan is developed by the focal therapist in conjunction with the medical and therapeutic team.

We advise our patients on any professional follow-up that is needed, including our own aftercare groups which take place weekly at various venues in Scotland and the Netherlands.

We hold regular reunions at Castle Craig for all our former patients.

Our doctors ensure that your G.P. and other relevant professionals already involved in your care receive discharge communication so that ongoing follow-up can be provided.

Before departure, we provide patients with information about their local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups.

There is strong evidence that continued involvement in these groups improves your chances of continuing recovery.

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