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First Day at Rehab

Arriving and Setting In

New patients receive a warm and caring welcome, both from staff and also from their peers. There is an overriding optimism at Castle Craig that recovery is possible.

I am here for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addiction

On arrival patients receive a Welcome Pack which contains:

  • An overview of the programme,
  • Guidelines and procedures,
  • Details of visiting times,
  • Some written assessments

Following the medical assessment, patients meet with a senior therapist who explains the treatment approach and answers any questions the patient has.

New patients are assigned a ‘mentor’ from among their peers who will show them around and introduce them to the rest of the community.


A choice of bedrooms are available and all afford comfort, privacy and assist recovery.  The treatment experience can be helped by a shared room environment facilitating mutual support. We offer shared bedroom accommodation which is often en-suite rooms, although a couple have adjoining bathroom facilities.

There are 2 – 4 beds in these single-sex bedrooms. The rooms are large and offer personal space, storage space and often stunning views across the countryside.  Single en-suite rooms are also available.

Community Spirit

Our strong therapeutic community is one of our most powerful tools in bringing about recovery. Castle Craig is a trusting and supportive environment where people feel secure and the stigma of addiction is left behind. The principles of our community include mutual respect, fellowship, honesty and collective responsibility.

Recovery from addiction comes when people change their destructive attitudes and behaviours. Our therapeutic community encourages them to be aware of other people around them, it helps renew self-esteem, encourages patients to be open and gives each individual the hope that they can lead a sober life. The benefits of immersing yourself in an intensive recovery programme will stay with you when you return home.

How will you benefit from residential addiction treatment?

  • Living within a set of basic rules and responsibilities encourages personal responsibility;
  • Living according to a routine helps patients to regain a sense of normality in their once chaotic lives;
  • It is a safe support network for patients to express themselves and share their experiences without criticism or judgement;
  • Learning to cooperate with other people;
  • Exploring new coping mechanisms which can be applied to life after treatment;
  • Learning to cope with disagreements and difficulties without the use of alcohol or drugs;
  • Looking after their community through therapeutic duties encourages a sense of self-worth;
  • Sharing responsibilities encourages teamwork;
  • Helping each other and discussing problems develops self-confidence;
  • Solving problems due to challenges within the community teach patients how to cope with real-life issues without alcohol or drugs;
  • It provides the opportunity to question how my behaviour/attitude affects others.

Shaping Your Own Recovery

Patients and staff meet weekly to discuss any matters affecting the community and to voice any concerns. We listen to our patients and we ask them to help us shape the community. This structure encourages personal responsibility.

Empowering You

Castle Craig is able to run a highly effective treatment programme based on the concept of a residential therapeutic community. Many of those completing treatment name this as the single most important element in their success.

Recovery is a lifelong process. We ensure that when the time comes for patients to leave residential rehab, all the necessary arrangements for their ongoing recovery are in place.

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