NHS Scotland Admissions for Addiction Treatment

NHS waiting lists: Important note

If you do not already have funding in place, please be aware that admission to Castle Craig via NHS or local addiction services can take months and the outcome is far from certain.

Castle Craig is a contractor to the NHS and local social services.  This means that if you don’t have private medical insurance or can’t pay privately then you can apply for funding through the NHS or social services.

If you already have funding in place, then you can contact our admissions department directly.  If you do not have funding already agreed with the NHS or your local social services, then you will need to contact them as a next step.

We have been treating patients with NHS and social service funding for over two decades.  We realise that addiction is an illness that affects people in different ways, and all treatment plans are personalised, drawing on our extensive resources for all our patients, regardless of whether you are a privately funded or funded through statutory services.

Who Can Apply for Rehab Funding with the NHS?

Anyone who does not have the funds to pay privately or private insurance.  You may have to show that you have explored local community-based treatment options before the NHS will fund your treatment at a residential rehabilitation clinic.

We advise prospective patients to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings and keeping all appointments with the referral team during this application process as this will show motivation and commitment.

Accessing residential rehab via local addiction teams may take a number of weeks, or months or even years, depending on the willingness of your local addiction team to fund your treatment.  Every local region has a different system for funding residential rehabilitation.

How To Apply For Funding with the NHS

If you are from England/Wales, Northern Ireland or abroad the admissions process will be slightly different.

Actions for admission through NHS Scotland:

  • Begin attending local AA/NA meetings;
  • Contact our Admissions Manager for the contact details and procedures of your local Community Addiction Team or Alcohol Problem Service.  Each health board has their own procedure;
  • Contact your local Community Addiction Team and arrange a meeting to discuss your treatment options.
  • You will have the chance to discuss your preference for residential treatment at Castle Craig. Follow their advice and procedures;
  • Our Admissions Team will offer you advice and support during this process.

EU Cross Border Healthcare

If you feel your case is urgent, then we suggest you contact our partner clinic, Smarmore Castle in Ireland. It may be possible to arrange funding for your treatment through the EU cross border healthcare directive.