Admissions from Netherlands


In 2000 Castle Craig opened a clinic in The Hague, Netherlands, to assist patients with alcohol or drug problems from the Netherlands.

Since 2008, Castle Craig Nederlands has been recognised as an independent outpatient mental health care facility. We have a network of clinics around the country and our own team includes a Medical Director, consultant psychiatrists and therapists. After discharge, we offer continuing care treatment in the Netherlands.

Treatment at Castle Craig is fully or partly reimbursed through Dutch private medical insurance.

Admissions Process in Holland

The Castle Craig Nederlands Admissions Team deals with admissions/’aanmelding’, liaise with your insurer and can give you further information about our treatment programme or about addictions in general.

Our Consultant Psychiatrist in the Netherlands conducts a pre-admission assessment and this is sent to Castle Craig for approval by our Consultant Psychiatrist. We require a letter of referral from your family doctor.

We will send you an admission information pack with details of what to expect when you arrive.

On arrival, you will be collected from Edinburgh Airport by one of our drivers.

To talk to one of our addiction therapists in the Netherlands please call +31 (0) 70 34 56 028 or visit

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