New patients receive a warm and caring welcome, both from staff and also from their peers

There is an overriding optimism at Castle Craig that recovery is possible.

On arrival patients receive a Welcome Pack which contains:

  • An overview of the programme,
  • Guidelines and procedures,
  • Details of visiting times,
  • Some written assessments.

Following the medical assessment, patients meet with a senior therapist who explains the treatment approach and answers any questions the patient has.

New patients are assigned a ‘mentor’ from among their peers who will show them around and introduce them to the rest of the community.


A choice of bedrooms are available and all afford comfort, privacy and assist recovery.  

The treatment experience can be helped by a shared room environment facilitating mutual support. We offer shared bedroom accommodation which are often en-suite rooms, although a couple have adjoining bathroom facilities. There are 2 – 4 beds in these single-sex bedrooms. 

The rooms are large and offer personal space, storage space and often stunning views across the countryside.  Single en-suite rooms are also available based on assessed need.

Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked | July 6, 2021