Families Can Help, Families Need Help

Our Family Recovery Workshop is now hosted on Zoom by Senior Specialist Therapist, Teri Lyn Fairnie. To sign up for the Workshop email familyprogramme@castlecraig.co.uk 

Strong support networks of family, friends and colleagues are crucial to successful recovery during and after treatment.

As the family member of someone suffering from an addictive disease, you are part of their vital support system. Your involvement in their addiction treatment through family therapy is a powerful factor in successful treatment outcomes and ongoing abstinence.

As part of our treatment programme at Castle Craig, we provide weekend-long therapeutic workshops designed to give family members the knowledge and tools to understand the disease of addiction, its impact on your lives, and how to provide support to your loved one.

Our 2 day Family Recovery Workshop harnesses and develops the support of all those who are involved in the lives of a person struggling with addiction. This gives patients the best possible chance of staying sober after they leave treatment.

Our Family Recovery Workshop is part of the Castle Craig treatment programme and is also open to anyone affected by addiction even if their relative is not a patient at Castle Craig. Participants include family members and significant others over the age of 18.


What happens over the 2 days?

Our workshop is facilitated by Teri Lyn Fairnie, a specialist family therapist with extensive experience in counselling families. During the 2 days we deliver a packed programme which includes:

  • Psychoeducational lectures about addiction, family dynamics, relapse and aftercare, Group sharing and discussions within a supportive framework,
  • Recovery-related adaptive skills for addressing family issues,
  • Enhancing communication techniques, exploring intimacy, resolving conflicts within the family,
  • Developing healthy boundaries,
  • Opportunities for conjoint therapy if the patient is currently in treatment,
  • Introduction to mindfulness,
  • Introduction to mutual self-help recovery groups.

Family Recovery Workshop Dates (Saturday-Sunday)

Upcoming Dates:

(Due to increased demand for our online workshops new dates will be added soon).

  • 21/22 November 2020
  • 19/20 December 2020 (TBC)

Please book your place with Teri Lyn Fairnie at Castle Craig, on: +44 (0) 1721 722763, or email: familyprogramme@castlecraig.co.uk

Family Recovery Workshop Cost:

The Family Recovery Workshops are included as part of the Family Programme at Castle Craig rehab clinic and family members with a patient in treatment are strongly advised to attend.
For those who do not have a family member in treatment, the weekend-long workshop costs £180 per person attending on Zoom.

Our Family Recovery Workshop is now hosted on Zoom

Schedule of the Family Recovery Workshop
The workshop commences on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9am. The workshop concludes on Sunday at 4pm.

Family Recovery Workshop Coordinator :

Teri Lyn Fairnie, Senior Specialist Therapist, MS in Mental Health Counselling.

Teri joined the staff team at Castle Craig Hospital in November 2017 as a Senior Specialist Therapist. Teri previously worked in the United States for over 15 years as a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor with children and their families who were impacted by substance abuse, domestic violence and mental health issues.
She earned a Masters of Science degree in Mental Health Counselling from Nova Southeastern University.

Download an information and registration form in Word Format or PDF Format
For more information please contact Teri on: +44 (0) 1721 722763, or email: familyprogramme@castlecraig.co.uk

Supporting Family & Friends
Addiction has a highly detrimental impact upon the families and friends. This programme helps those close to addiction cope with feelings of anxiety, shame and anger and helps them learn how to rebuild damaged relationships.  Participants learn about the disease of addiction and how to communicate with and help the addicted person.

For more information please contact Teri on: +44 (0) 1721 722763, or email: familyprogramme@castlecraig.co.uk