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How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Take?

How long does rehab take?

At Castle Craig, we make no secret how long we believe rehab should take

Under the expert direction of our highly experienced and qualified Medical Director, it has been advised that the minimum length of treatment should be 28 days.

To talk to us more about this, you can get in touch here, or read on to learn our reasons why.

How long does alcohol rehab usually take?

Because addiction is considered a lifelong, chronic illness, recovery is a lifelong practice.

However, common inpatient alcohol rehab takes a minimum of one month, often in many places 28 days.

However, as pioneers in addiction recovery, our evidence-based data and research have shown that this can often be too short for patients abstaining from alcoholism.

The recommended length of stay

Here at Castle Craig, our professional psychiatrists recommend longer stays of up to six weeks. However, time and budgets often only allow for the standard 28 days supported transition to sobriety.

As detox takes up a considerable amount of time when in a residential facility (typically around seven days for alcohol), this leaves very little time to treat triggers or work on the core reason why you turn to alcohol in the first place.

As our residential stays are a minimum of 5 weeks, we ensure that we have enough time to detox, give diagnoses and have an adequate amount of time for face-to-face therapy.

What happens during your stay

During your alcohol rehab treatment, you’ll work through an individualised plan with the help of dedicated therapists and support staff.

Patients can expect:

  • The first step is detox
  • Then various assessments and reviews from psychiatrists and therapists
  • Customised treatment plan created and put into action
  • Daily therapy with a specialist
  • Group therapy
  • Daily educational addiction talks
  • Relapse prevention

Who is residential alcohol rehab best for?

Inpatient rehab for alcohol addiction is best for those who:

  • Need a medically supervised detox
  • Have co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Have been diagnosed as high-risk or have a history of self-harm
  • Have tried lower levels of alcohol addiction treatment unsuccessfully 
  • Find that their family or social life contributes to their addiction issues 
  • Can take one to three months away from other obligations to focus on recovery

Alcohol rehab duration

There is no magical cure or the perfect amount of time one patient can stay. This will entirely depend on you and your condition.

Patients, for example, experiencing mental health issues or severe trauma/PTSD alongside their addiction will require more time spent in therapy to reduce this as a trigger in their daily lives.

Determine how long you should stay in rehab by scheduling a free alcohol assessment. 24-Hour Helpline: 01721 728118

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