Bitcoin Addiction Treatment in the News

Global media coverage following Castle Craig’s press release about cryptocurrency/bitcoin addiction

On May the 28th 2018 Castle Craig Hospital issued a press release: Cryptocurrency Addiction Now Treated at Top UK Rehab Clinic. Castle Craig appears to have been the first rehab clinic in the world to call attention to bitcoin addiction treatment.

The UK’s Press Association picked up the story and then Agence France Presse delivered it to virtually every news desk in the world.

It was a genuinely new story because the mainstream media hadn’t made the connection between cryptocurrency trading and addiction.

Summary of the Global News Coverage on Bitcoin Addiction Treatment

Castle Craig’s press release was picked up by over 600 news and media channels all over the world.

Here is a selection of the most interesting news items:

  • In the UK the first media channel to pick up the story was Sky TV. This was closely followed by the BBC, The Times, The Independent, The Scotsman and a host of others.
  • The story was widely picked up in the USA and the biggest channels to feature us were Marketwatch (part of the Wall St Journal) and Vice. The financial media wrote about us and this article is particularly interesting. A host of local TV and radio stations ran with it including Fox TV in Las Vegas and Digital Trends News
  • We spoke to the London rep of Australia’s lead news agency ( and he interviewed Chris Burn, a Castle Craig therapist. The resulting article was widely picked up in Asia, the local media all over Australia and even The Sun’s London newsdesk (the ‘Scottish Sun’ had written their own version a day before).
  • We also spoke to the New York correspondent of China’s largest media channel (QQ/Tencent News, one of the world’s top brands) and another interview with Chris Burn was arranged. The article was in Chinese only but it would have reached millions.
  • The story was picked up all over Europe. Bild, one of the main German newspaper, interviewed Chris Burn and also ran a news story; Express, a leading French media channel published a short report, as did the Swiss channel Agefi. The news reached South America, thanks to Spanish language websites like BBC News, as well as Russia, Hungary and Scandinavia.
  • There was widespread interest in the story from news sites that are dedicated to IT issues; for example this article in the leading tech-site The Next Web
  • There are a large number of websites which are dedicated to news about cryptocurrencies and this story was picked up widely. One of the biggest of these sites is the Norwegian based CCN (Cryptocurrency News Network) which published this article. One of the most interesting articles written about the issue was on a crypto-news site called Steemit.
  • An article entitled “Crypto trading rehabs are a thing now” by Screenshot-Magazine.
  • The last interviews were done with an Argentine radio station and Bermuda Broadcasting.