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Gambling Self-Assessment Quiz

Understanding behavioural Addictions, like gaming and gambling

Take the Gambling Self-Assessment Quiz

Are you concerned about the frequency in which you gamble, or perhaps how gambling might be affecting your life?

If you’re at all worried about a gambling problem, we would advise speaking with us to see what options are available to help you regain power over your life.

However, we understand that these online quizzes might make you feel more comfortable and give you the opportunity to understand your condition for yourself before external help is involved.

Gambling self-assessment quiz:

This quiz is completely confidential – no information is stored or saved, nor are personal details collected or shared.

Can’t stop gambling?

This quiz is not definitive – it’s a list of questions delivered to you through a screen.

Here at Castle Craig, we provide accurate gambling addiction assessments, which looks deeper into your mental health, your past and current situation.

Our assessments are carried out by our expert rehab admissions staff, which review your case with a psychiatrist, who will further assess you if there is evidence of addictive behaviours.

However you’re feeling, we’re here to help.

Get in touch with us in a way that’s comfortable for you – visit our contact page for more details.