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The Scheme Debate BBC | Addiction Rehab & Social Issues

Most people in Scotland were aware of The Scheme, a BBC Scotland documentary series which followed the “emotional highs and lows of six different families all living in one large housing scheme in Kilmarnock.”

Following the broadcasting of all four episodes of The Scheme, BBC Scotland hosted a debate to focus on the social issues which the series raised. Naomi Tomlinson, one of the participants described her addiction in calm but horrendous detail:

“I chose to use alcohol to cope with my life”¦I was nearly dead. Alcohol was the answer, the cure”. When asked “How bad did it get?” Tomlinson replied “I was close to death.”

Glenn Campbell, the TV presenter, asked Naomi what drove her to drink and she replied with the one key word ““ abuse ““ that is at the root of many people’s addictions. Her exact words were “Abuse ““ physical, mental and sexual.” The fact that she is able to talk about this in public, without any apparent sign of shame, suggests that her treatment has given her the skills and confidence to deal with these crippling issues.

Naomi mentioned that she got on the road to recovery at Castle Craig Hospital: “By the grace of God I was put into treatment at Castle Craig, in the Borders, for six months.”

She ended her short statement with a message of encouragement for other people with addictions:

“If I can do it, anyone can.”

View the video clip from the BBC Scotland debate.