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September is Recovery Month

Castle Craig recently sent out the following press announcement: 

Castle Craig Hospital, one of Europe’s leading rehab units, is calling on recovering Scottish alcoholics and drug addicts to help launch “Recovery Month” in Scotland. Other addiction professionals such as doctors, nurses and therapists are also asked to celebrate and promote Recovery during the month of September.

Castle Craig, which is located in the Scottish Borders, will mark Recovery Month in September in co-ordination with Dutch and American partners. Schools will be encouraged to get involved, and Castle Craig staff will be made available to address groups of school children about issues of alcohol and drug misuse and addiction.

Ignorance and Stigma
“The Americans have been celebrating Recovery Month for 22 years” said Castle Craig’s Chairman Peter McCann, “and it’s about time we did. It’s a great opportunity to challenge the prejudice and stigma surrounding addiction. Addiction treatment does work and there are plenty of people out there who have recovered and do contribute to society. We want to hear about their success stories.”

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and rehabilitation units that practice 12 Step or abstinence based recovery models are also asked to come with practical ideas that will raise public awareness about addiction.

Recovery Hijacked
“Recovery Month matters”, says Peter McCann, “The meaning of the word Recovery has been grossly compromised of late, with methadone maintenance programmes and other forms of substitute prescribing being opportunistically re-branded as ‘Recovery’.  This amounts to a hijack of an important and beloved word, which should refer to an individuals ability to maintain abstinence from alcohol or drugs.”

Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked | August 31, 2011