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Family Therapy Video

In this video Maryam Ghaffari, a former therapist at Castle Craig, describes the complications of living with addiction – as well as the transformation that can follow successful treatment.

Maryam knows how complicated life is when addiction takes hold:

“They wake up and think about their next fix…How am I going to get it? Where am I going to get the money? Where am I going to use it? How am I going to hide what I’m doing? And once I use it I’ve got to recover and start the whole thing again.

“Our patients come in here absolutely exhausted from this process. And their families are exhausted…This individual’s life is controlled by a bottle or a bag. There is no life…They’re not fulfilling their potential…It becomes all about the substance.”

Family Therapy

Family members of those in addiction treatment are an important part of the treatment process at Castle Craig rehab clinic. A person with an addiction will often bring a whole series of problems into a family, who go through years of anguish as try and deal with the consequences of addiction.

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