Does Outpatient Addiction Treatment Work?

In this short video Tom Bruce, the Deputy Head Therapist at Castle Craig Hospital, says that although out-patient treatment for drug addicts and alcoholics “can work” it often fails because “the disease is more powerful than the individual”. 

Tom points out that out-patient treatment usually only lasts for an hour or two a day and if an addicted person then steps back into their usual environment, where there are “a lot of distractions”, it’s almost impossible to remain abstinent, especially for those with other underlying issues that have contributed to the addiction.

We make people thirsty for recovery!

Tom believes that in-patient, or residential treatment, offers “an opportunity for the focus to change”. He says “we don’t tell people things they don’t already know. We put a different perspective on it and help them see it differently.”

For most people effective addiction treatment is about “finding themselves”. Tom describes the process whereby addicted people “create a persona that is not them” and then “feed that persona with alcohol and drugs. But it doesn’t last.”

Originally from the USA, Tom Bruce bases his views of out-patient treatment from his work experience in America. He has been working at Castle Craig for over 14 years.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

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