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Tele-counselling in addiction treatment

Tele-counselling and other tele-based services are on the way at Castle Craig. In particular the Hospital is looking to develop its tele-counselling services for the provision of continuing care services.

Castle Craig conducted an in-house study in August 2012, with the help of 2 therapists – Paul Kirsten and Helena Heveran – and 10 patients. Interest in a tele-counselling aftercare service was found to be “extremely high,” and those with initial reservations found that the treatment worked for them in practice.

One of the therapists involved in the study, Helena, wrote, “Since the introduction of Skype, I have used this method of communication as an excellent helping tool with some of my patients. Particularly with family members who are unable to attend for face-to-face family therapy. The patients’ responses have been very positive and many feel grateful for the visual contact in what can sometimes be a very emotionally challenging therapeutic session.”