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Scottish Labour Party Leader visits rehab

Johann Lamont MSPJohann Lamont MSPOn the 23rd August 2012 Castle Craig was visited by the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Johann Lamont MSP. Upon her arrival at Castle Craig, Ms Lamont met with the Chairman, Peter McCann, and had a detailed discussion about the services available at Castle Craig and the concerning decline of NHS admissions into abstinence-based rehabilitation programmes.

Ms Lamont was given a guided tour of Castle Craig where she was able to meet with both patients and staff and she was overall greatly impressed by the services available and the standard of accomodation and facilities on offer to our patients. Like many of our visitors the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party was particularly interested by our extended care unit and the additional treatments on offer there for the recovering addict and alcoholic – such as the hyperbaric oxygenation treatment.

Ms Lamont concluded her visit with a hearty lunch in the staff dining room where once again she was able to meet with members of staff and discuss the burning issues affecting both politician and practitioner alike.

Mrs. Lamont is the second MSP to visit Castle Craig in the past year. We had a previous visit from Graeme Pearson MSP, a former Assistant Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police and the Founding Director of the Scottish Drugs Enforcement Agency.