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Victoria McCann Takes a Break

Victoria McCann will be going on Maternity Leave very soon and for the next 6 months she will be bringing up the newest member of the McCann family, the family that established and manage Castle Craig Hospital.

Some of you might not know who Victoria McCann is and considering she plays such an important, if invisible, role in promoting Castle Craig, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce her.

Victoria is the person who has organized the revamp of the whole Castle Craig website, a mammoth task that involved writing hundreds of pages of text and “optimizing” each word for the web so that Google likes what it sees and gives us a better position on their search results.  The website has improved hugely over the last few years.

But the main website is but a small part of her responsibilities. She is also responsible for dealing with the media, sending out press releases, editing the Castle Craig blog, updating our social networks, dealing with our communication experts, none of whom are based at Castle Craig, and more. Her biggest project last year was the production of a new website which is aimed at people with addiction problems in the professions. You can see it here.

Part of my role at Castle Craig is to produce short videos and also write articles for the media.  Victoria has acted as my editor and I must say that she’s really good at it ““ she considers each article or video carefully and often comes back with a very pertinent comment; often it is just one small change or deletion but each time it is an improvement. As a former journalist I can tell you how useful it is to have an editor like this; in the media, in my experience, editors are far too busy and stressed. They either publish or reject your article but they rarely give any kind of feedback.

Did you know that we have produced over 40 short videos in the last two years? (You can see them here).  These short films are used to illustrate various pages on the main Castle Craig website, for example here is a fascinating short video that brings to life the family therapy page on the main website.  Each video was shot and edited by Laurentiu Calciu, placed on the site by Olivia Ianculescu, but the person who approved each one (i.e. acted as the editor) was Victoria. It was a lot of work and she deserves praise for it.

Victoria does all this from an office in Zurich (which is where her husband works). You may be wondering how this is possible from so far away but the answer is “the internet” — which has made sharing written and video work so much easier. You don’t need to be based in “the office” anymore to have an impact with the kind of work we do. Our filmmaker is based in London, our webmaster in Germany and I am based in Romania.

The question now is how are we going to cope without her for 6 long months?