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DeAddiction Centres | Addiction in India

The Importance of De-Addiction Centres

India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, as both its economy and population have seen substantial increases over the last decade. The population of India is the second-highest in the world, estimated to be over 1.2 billion people. However, this growth also means more problems with drugs and alcohol – this is where De-Addiction Centres can help.

Addiction has a grip on many Indians. According to a recent article “Drug addiction: Causes and the way out“, there are over 70 million addicts living in India. Nearly one out of every five Indians has been consumed by their addiction. The number of adolescent addicts is even more disturbing. In Punjab, an Indian state with almost 28 million people, nearly 75% of its youth are addicted to drugs. Unfortunately, these numbers appear to be on the rise and are not slowing down.

Which drugs are the most consumed in India?

Since India has such a high ratio of addicts, there are many different kinds of drugs that are routinely used. Heroin is an extremely popular drug in India. According to a report done by the United Nations in 2011, India was the largest Asian consumer of heroin, using nearly 20 tons per year. Unofficially, there are at least five million Indians who are addicted to heroin.

Alcohol is also a growing problem. In the past, Indians have looked down on alcohol and the lifestyle that it produces. However, over the past few decades more and more Indians have picked up drinking. From 1970-1996 alcohol consumption increased by 107%. Each year since then alcohol sales have continued to rise.

Even with this increase in alcohol sales, India is still officially one of the lowest consumers of alcohol in the world. If India is still one of the lowest alcohol consumers, why is there cause for alarm?

The reason India’s alcohol consumption is a problem is that more than half of all Indian alcohol drinkers are considered hazardous drinkers. Even more alarming is the age of Indian drinkers. In the past 15 years, the percentage of youth drinkers has risen from 2% to over 14%, and the average age has dropped from 19 to 13 years old. Unless India’s alcoholics receive help, the country will continue to dive deeper into the pit of alcoholism. This is where De-Addiction Centres can help.

What can be done?

As a reaction to the addiction problems described above, new treatment centres have been established in India. In the past few years, our organisation,, has worked hard to develop a guide of over 600 centres for Indians to find the treatment that they need.

Castle Craig Hospital welcomes patients from India and is one of the sponsors of De-Addiction Centres.

Page published: November 7, 2013. Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked July 14, 2021