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The Three Signs of Sex Addiction

One question many people ask is whether or not their personal relationship with sex is an indication of sex addiction. Varying levels of sexual compulsion and hypersexuality exist but may not indicate the development of a fully diagnosable problem. It is possible to relate to sex in a dysfunctional way and have unhealthy relationships because of sexual behaviour. However, there are specific criteria for sex addiction with which most people cannot relate

How You Can Define Sex Addiction

Addiction is mostly defined as a lack of control. Once the substance or process has become so great, there is a lack of control, or a loss in the ability to maintain control. Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours can start to feel involuntary. Many measure might be taken to regain control, such as setting limitations, making deals, or cutting off credit cards. When sex addiction becomes an addiction these efforts will fall short of success.

  • You do not feel as though you have any control over your sexual behaviours
  • You cannot control your thoughts about sex, sexual behaviours, or engaging in sexual behaviours
  • Despite setting personal limitations on sexual activity, you cannot control the circumstances of your sexual activity
  • As the result of your inability to control your sexual behaviours you have encountered negative consequences in other areas of your life such as your relationships your work, or your finances
  • You struggle to sleep through the night due to obsessive thinking about sex and sexual activity

The last sign of sex addiction is an effect on health. It is important to not that not every experience of sex addiction will include negative consequences in regards to health. Research has shown that excessive sexual activity can reduce libido or cause physical sexual dysfunction. Substance abuse is often concurrent with sex addiction in order to cope with the shame of sex addiction, stay awake for long hours of the night, or lower inhibitions. Drug and alcohol abuse can have a wide range of physical effects. When combined with the typically heart-racing adrenaline of engaging in a compulsive activity, heart attack or heart failure could result.

If you are worried that you might be developing an obsession with sex or love then visit your local free self-help group: Sex Addicts Anonymous group or visit Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous can help.

If you find you have problems with sex and intimacy when you are using alcohol or drugs, and this is having a negative effect on your personal life or your health, and you are struggling, it is time to seek help. Castle Craig offers a residential treatment programme for alcohol and drug addiction with the utmost privacy and consideration toward patients. We strive to restore patients to optimum health of mind, body, and spirit while renewing their sense of purpose in life. Creating new meaning through impactful treatments and therapies, our patients have high rates of success in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.