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Spending Time In Nature Is Good For Recovery and Treatment

“In every walk with nature,” American naturalist John Muir famously described, “one receives more than he seeks.” It is natural human behavior to seek time to connect with the natural environment. We go to nature expecting some kind of answer, which, we are always revealed, lies within us. All we need to do is return to a state of calm, which nature is particularly skilled at providing. Nature reduces stress, increases well being, and resets many of our natural systems. For example, sleeping in nature resets the circadian rhythm. Walking in nature can reset the way we view our bodies and feel about our self-worth. Lush environments of green landscape provide fresh, clean oxygen, which helps the brain and the body heal. “In all things of nature,” Aristotle once wrote, “there is something of the marvelous.”

Marvelous is a word we use to describe something “causing great wonder; extraordinary”. Nature is wonderful as well as full of wonder. We are caused an extraordinary amount of awe when we are in nature. There is something particularly magical about being surrounded by green and spending time in an area not touched by man. Parks which are kept maintained are cared to with tender love and devotion not for man but for the health and preservation of nature.

Nature is the hope there truly is something greater than us. We hope that there is a world beyond the hurt and devastation man can create. Nature represents a purity and a faith that life can be beautiful, untouched, and raw. Humans put a tremendous amount of focus on superficial beauty. Beauty in nature is effortless. Nature doesn’t have to prove its beauty- it is simply beautiful. Spending time in nature reminds us that we, as human beings, are a product of nature. Therefore, we are simply beautiful in our raw and natural state.

Increasing amounts of research are proving that spending time in nature has tremendous benefit on mental health from eating disorders to addiction, anxiety to depression. Castle Craig is settled on fifty acres of Scottish Borders. Surrounded by the famous Woodlands of Scotland’s highland, our beautiful estate offers all of the nature and exploration patients need to feel connected to their environment. Routinely, we offer therapy and treatment outdoors. Connecting patients to the natural environment helps connect them to themselves.


Restoring patients to optimum health of mind, body, and spirit, our residential treatment programmes involve hiking and time in nature. We help patients renew their sense of meaning and purpose in life encouraging a lifestyle of long term abstinence. For information on our programmes, call our 24 hour free confidential phone-line: 0808 256 5570. From outside the UK please call: +44 1721 788 006.

Page last reviewed and medically fact-checked | August 4, 2017