Should Everyone Be Working The 12 Steps?

At Castle Craig, we believe in the power of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Twelve step programs are not scientifically proven because the anonymous nature of the programs they belong to doesn’t endorse publication. It is difficult to conduct research on the anonymous members of an anonymous program. However, the anecdotal evidence of alcoholics anonymous proves its efficacy. The primary text, Alcoholics Anonymous outlines the process for “taking” the twelve steps. Since its publication in 1935, the book has undergone minimal edits or changes. The foundational first 164 pages of the book have seen practically no changes. That is, at least, no changes that would have altered the twelve steps into something other than what they are. What the twelve steps are have helped millions of people around the world. This one piece of evidence testifies to the power of the twelve step program. It truly is universal. Dozens of countries, cultures, and languages have embraced the 12 steps and have seen even the most hopeless of addicts and alcoholics transform their lives.

The language of the steps include spiritual principles which are not exclusive to any particular sect or denomination. These spiritual principles are universal in that they attest to the best character of mankind. Within the instructions of the steps are instructions of honesty, willingness, trust, forgiveness, and meditation. Helping others who need help, helping the self through specific action, and constantly looking for guidance help alcoholics and addicts all around the world remove the ego of their addiction from the equation of their lives. The result is monumental. Men and women who could not spend more than a day without picking up a drink or a drug are suddenly able to remain abstinent long term. Beyond their abstinence, they start changing in their character because the twelve steps advocate a complete and total psychic change. Only this psychic change can bring about the willingness and ease of remaining abstinent. By adhering to the higher vibrational principles of being man on earth, men and women are able to transcend their addictions and find peace in their lives.


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