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The Challenge of Admitting Addiction is a Problem

The very first step in addiction recovery is admitting a problem exists. This may sound simple but coming to this realisation is the key to getting the necessary help. What makes it hard is also what makes it so rewarding. Put one foot in front of the other and get started with some tips and strategies.


Obviously Not Obvious

What may seem to everyone else like a challenging situation is not necessarily so to the person who is struggling. Change of priorities, running out of money, missing family and friends may seem temporary but it can create more headaches for family. Every other person seems to blow substance use out of proportion but the individual with addiction does not seem to notice why.


The Great Escape

Drugs and alcohol are about moving past the pain and not being a barrier to one’s own success in recovery. The addiction mindset delivers a lot of excuses to others and chances are many people are hurting along with the person with addiction. Temporary relief comes from using drugs but it is not a final solution to the pain. While a person tries everything to keep the smoke and mirrors illusion going, eventually the ruse falls apart and the person has to finally admit things are not working.


Drugs and Lies

Many people trade in self respect, purpose for living and health for addiction. By the time addiction gets to that point, more pain has been added to the previous pain and what the person was trying to escape has compounded on itself to the point of being unmanageable. Admitting to anyone else this path was chosen can be painful but letting go of the self humiliation is important to seeking proper help.


Strength in Weakness

Doing the opposite of what feels helpful is actually a good thing. It may seem like admitting a problem exists shows weakness rather it demonstrates great strength and courage. Facing one’s fears takes time and energy. Letting go of the lies addiction promotes can help usher in a new way of living. Nobody wants to believe he or she is wrong but taking personal responsibility is a step in the right direction towards letting go of addiction. Rehab is a great way to move past admitting addiction happened to seeking the necessary support for the long journey ahead.


Castle Craig understands the difficulty of taking that first step. Admitting the need for help takes courage. We will support your journey with our leading rehab programmes, counselling and other services designed to help you succeed in recovery. Call us at 0808 231 9583 to find out more information.

Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked | September 20, 2017