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Affluence May Be a Barrier to Recovery

 Affluence and recovery barriers is a multi-faceted issue. The abundance of money, property and other material goods can create challenges for individuals with addiction. There are several ways affluence can be a barrier to success in recovery.



Denial is not just something people with affluence are impacted by. Coming to terms with addiction is difficult for most people but the consequences financially, emotionally, legally and otherwise may be lesser for those with more material wealth. Being able to avoid certain repercussions from negative behaviours can make it easier to deny a true problem exists or postpone the reality of recognising addiction for what it is promptly.


Negative Stigma

The stigma people of affluence face can feel difficult to overcome. Maintaining a certain lifestyle is important to everyone, especially those with affluence who do not have to resort to desperate measures to support a habit because enough money for food, shelter and drugs exists. People who have material wealth are able to keep up a ruse that everything is fine longer than a person who has lesser means while avoiding the negative stigma at home, work and in social circles. Drug and alcohol addiction is taboo in many circles so people of affluence may be fearful of being found out, of losing jobs or not being able to pursue future opportunities if people find out about the addiction.


People, Places, Things

Spending time with other people of affluence including famous people, wealthy friends, colleagues and other people of influence may fuel a desire to keep addiction hidden. Only interacting with the upper echelon of society can make it difficult to admit a problem exists, especially if that individual runs in circles with others who also spend time using drugs or alcohol. The people, places and things will not change once a person enters treatment. In fact they might remain the same unless the person decides to make necessary changes to focus on sobriety and change some of the people, places and things associated with addiction.



People with addiction and have material wealth can become attached to the idea of being able to control everything, including addiction. This makes it difficult to seek necessary changes for individuals in recovery from addiction because the people are less likely to admit and accept powerlessness. Accepting this fact is a great first step in moving forward with recovery.


Castle Craig works with individuals from all walks of life. If you are an affluent person seeking treatment for addiction, we will help you. Admitting the need for help is the first step and we will help guide you through the winding journey of rehab and recovery. Call us at 0808 231 9583 to find out more information.

Page published: September 21, 2017. Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked September 21, 2017