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Songs to Help Suicidal Thoughts

Songs to Help Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide is a subject that is hard for people to talk about which is why audiences can relate to these powerful lyrics and know that they are not alone. These are two songs that encourage listeners to call talk to someone if they are experiencing suicidal thoughts and that you can always pick yourself back up again.

Katy Perry’s “By the Grace of God” is about how in real life, Perry’s then-husband told her through text message that he wanted a divorce. In the beginning of the song, she explains she was 27 returning from a trip from Saturn, meaning that she has hit the harsh realities of adulthood. She was laying on the bathroom floor feeling like she was not enough and that everything was her fault. In the chorus, she says that she picked herself up, looked in the mirror and knew that she had to stay because she refused to let having a broken heart make her feel that way. By the end of the song, she says to herself that she knows that she is enough and that it was not her fault what happened.

An influential song from this year came from Logic’s “1-800-273-8255″ which is the number for the National Suicide Hotline. The beginning of the song and the chorus is someone on the phone with the suicide hotline saying that he feels like he is going out of his mind and that he does not want to be alive anymore. He tells the hotline that he feels like an outsider and that no one would care if he died. Then the next chorus comes from the suicide hotline saying they want him to be alive and that they are not going to let him die.

Alessia Cara comes in the song saying the reason he needs to live is to hold on even though the road is long and to always find the light when it is dark. By the end of the song, he does not want to die anymore and feels like the hotline is what taught him about wanting to live. Khalid comes in saying he is “moving ’til my legs give out” and he does not want to cry anymore. After this song came out, calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline rose by 27% and 50% more after the song was played at this year’s MTV Music Awards.

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