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Warning Signs of Suicide to Watch Out For

Warning Signs of Suicide to Watch Out For

It is hard to tell whether or not someone you know is suicidal or just feeling down. The truth is that you can never be one hundred percent sure if someone has means to kill themselves. According to WebMD, only 50%-75% will give a friend or a relative a warning sign. It is always important to show that person you care and that if you recognize the signs, do not be afraid to do something about it.

Someone suicidal can talk about feeling like a burden to everyone. They can feel like they are trapped with suicide being the only means of escape. They can talk about having no reason to live. Someone suicidal can feel like their future is hopeless and that nothing will change. Another sign of suicide is in the behaviors that person can commit such as if you notice someone researching different methods of suicide. They can exhibit reckless actions without caring of the consequences those choices could have on themselves.

That person can isolate themselves away from their friends and family as well as have no interest in the activities that used to make them happy. Some people commit final planned acts such as calling or visiting loved ones to tell them goodbye and leaving them their prized possessions to remember them by. They can write up a will or buy weapons such as poison, blades, or a gun. Someone suicidal does not care about their appearance and can show long lasting sadness and unexpected rage. They can have mood swings like depression, loss of interest, rage, humiliation, and anxiety.

Ignoring the signs that you see in front of you will not make them go away but will increase the chances of suicide attempts to occur even more. Do not be afraid to ask that person if they are depressed, having suicidal thoughts, if they are taking medications or seeing a therapist. If they are not, refer that person to treatment facility and encourage them to see help. Always let that person know that their negative thoughts are temporary and treatable. Take away any sharp objects, weapons, or anything else they can hurt themselves with. As soon as you recognize the signs, call 911 or take that person to the emergency room. If you are still unsure how to help your loved one, make a difference by calling the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8522.


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