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Movies to Watch to Help with Anxiety and Depression

Movies to Watch to Help with Anxiety and Depression

Movies have a way of educating audiences on mental illness issues that they might not have heard of and have a way of making them feel like they are not alone by relating to the characters. Here are two films that can help people relate to anxiety and depression.

Pixar’s animated movie “Inside Out” is about a teenage girl, Riley, who is forced to move because of her dad’s new job and we see the different emotions that control her brain in the form of characters like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. When Joy and Sadness go missing from the control center, Riley only faces the other three emotions which causes her to feel numb, not open up to her parents, and has thoughts of stealing and running away.

The film teaches us that we need to feel emotions like joy and sadness or we can sink into a further depression.We see Joy trying to stop Sadness from affecting Riley’s mind so that she can feel happy all the time. What she soon learns is that happiness comes from the compassion that starts with sadness. When Riley opens up, the love and comfort she gets from her family and friends causes her to be happy again.

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is when a freshman, Charlie, has anxiety and depression from losing important people in his life and is afraid of participating and making friends. He always considers himself as a wallflower who is just watching the lives around him instead of having one of his own. He meets seniors who consider themselves outsiders as well and help him come out of his shell. This movie shows how wonderful it is to have friends and about how “people accept the love that they think they deserve.”

“The Breakfast Club” is another good movie to see for depressives in that five different students like a jock, a brain, a princess, a basket case, and a criminal all express their struggles as they spend their Saturday in detention. The princess and the jock feels depressed living the lives their friends and family want instead of her own, the criminal and the basket case face a broken home lives, and the brain faces depression from the pressures of needing to be perfect. It proves that it looks like someone can have it all when inside they are crying for help.


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