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Feel Good Movies to Watch to Lift Your Spirits

Movies have the power to make audiences get access to emotions they have been looking for which is why they do so well. We all have that one movie we like to watch when we are feeling sick so that we can have a laugh and feel better than we did before we turned it on. Here are examples of some movies that can put you in a happier mood whenever you are feeling down.

Last Holiday was released in 2006 starring Queen Latifah and LL Cool J. This movie is about a shy sales clerk, Georgia, who has always been afraid to speak up and put herself out there gets diagnosed with a terminal disease and decides to live her last days like it is her last at a resort in Karlovy Vary. Despite the plot, this film is not in a depressing tone but in a way where you get the message of living life to the fullest. You see Georgia try things that she would have been afraid to before the diagnosis such as base jumping, snowboarding, trying different foods, and talking to the man of her dreams. By the end of the movie, it makes you wish you could make impulsive decisions and just do whatever you want as if today was your last day. By the time the movie is over, you will feel not just happy but empowered at the same time.

School of Rock was released in 2003 starring Jack Black and Joan Cusack. This film is about a failed musician who pretends to be his roommate and steals his substitute teacher job for the chance to make rent money only to turn the kids in his class into a rock band for a rock battle. It will be hard not to laugh at Jack Black’s wild and eccentric antics as his character does not know how to be around kids but his belief in being the best musician further inspires them all. There is a lot of classic rock nostalgia as well as catchy music that will keep you singing. This movie will also inspire others to go after their dream and that we should all live the life of a rock and roller in that we should fight for what we want. These two movies will leave you with smiles, laughter, and joy during moments when you need some cheering up.

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