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How to Overcome Fear of Flying

Flying can be scary for many people. According to Dailymail, 28% of Britons have a fear of flying. 33% have said that it is due to recent reports of plane crashes or planes going missing, like Malaysia Flight 370, that have made them more fearful. There are many usual tips to feeling secure and comfortable when travelling on an aircraft through the use of distractions and deep breathing exercises. More.

Instead of fighting your anxiety, it is best to recognize these feelings and acknowledge them by telling yourself, “I know this will be tough for me but I believe I will get through this flight.” It also helps to do deep breathing exercises where you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Mindfulness techniques such as yoga can help give you a sense of control. Many feel the need to drink alcohol on the flight as a way to calm down. Not only is that a hard habit to shake off once you start but it will make you feel more emotional, sick, and increases your chances of getting robbed on the plane. It is also important to avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages as you will feel more nervous. Drink plenty of water on the flight to hydrate yourself.

The fear of being on a flight is having no control of the events that occur. To give yourself more control on your flight, research what a normal flight feels and sounds like so that you can rest assure that the flight is going smoothly. You can also use your laptop, iPad, or portable DVD player to play a DVD or stream the show you have been wanting to catch up with on your favourite streaming site. Dailymail also says that 7% like to listen to relaxing music that will put you in a calmer mood as well as reading a book. Colouring can provide a creative distraction in wanting to fill in all of the details of your picture. According to The National Transportation Board, the chances of being in a plane crash are 1 in 11 million whereas the chances of a car crash are 1 in 5,000, meaning that it is more dangerous driving to the airport than being on the plane. If you go on a plane with a friend or relative, you will have someone by your side.

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Page published: December 28, 2017. Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked March 8, 2021