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Will Arnett Relapses While Shooting Flaked Series

Relapse can happen to anyone. When you are surrounded by triggers or you think about what life was like when you were under the influence, you tend to miss those substances. Will Arnett told his story this year about his relapse while filming his new series and how he plans on putting his life back together.

What causes addicts to relapse could be that they are having trouble managing all of these new feelings and their emotions feel unstable. Because addicts would self-medicate themselves with alcohol whenever they felt difficult emotions creeping in, sobriety requires you to deal with your emotions head-on without the use of substances. They could be faced with challenges that they are not willing to face so they go back to alcohol in order to numb themselves. A trigger can also lead to a relapse such as a minor argument or driving by and seeing a bar. Many can also think of how alcohol allowed them to escape the harsh realities that life could bring and how they want that protection that alcohol brought them. Their motivation to stay sober is not enough for them.

Will Arnett recently broke his fifteen year sobriety while he was working on his new Netflix series “Flaked” which is about a 40 year-old trying to achieve sobriety based on Arnett’s own experiences. Arnett’s drinking problems first started when he was a voice actor trying to get his big break. He would be flying back and forth to New York and Los Angeles going on auditions. As Arnett was in and out of work, he would spend all of his time off at the bar. In 1999, Arnett spiraled into depression when his big break on the new show “The Mike O’Malley Show” got cancelled after two episodes.

A friend told Arnett that he needed to get help so he turned to Alcoholics Anonymous in 2000. He then moved to Venice, California to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meets daily. Then after fifteen years, Arnett relapsed back to alcohol because of the stress of starring, producing, writing, and co-creating Netflix’s “Flaked.” He decided to go clean again and go back to Alcoholics Anonymous because he remembers the dark path he was on years ago and does not want to be on that path again. Arnett has been clean for the past few months and wants to continue being there for his two sons.

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