How Can Alcoholic Parents Affect a Child?

Child covering face; how does an alcoholic parent affect a child? Castle Craig rehab

Dealing with alcoholism isn’t easy for anyone. It can be especially tough when the alcoholic is a loved one, and more so when that loved one is a parent. While growing up isn’t easy for anybody, growing up with an alcoholic parent can take a long-lasting toll on one’s well-being. Decades of studies have shown …

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How Do I Help an Alcoholic Friend?

Helping hands reaching out; how to help an alcoholic friend, Castle Craig

So you got in touch with an old college friend, the one with whom you used to play “Never Have I Ever” over tequila shots. Except it’s five years later and now that you’re an adult, you drink more responsibly than before. Your friend, on the other hand, clearly hasn’t changed. In fact, the more …

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When Family Goes Wrong: Family Issues in Addiction and Recovery

Angry couple fighting; family issues in addiction and recovery, Castle Craig rehab

Including family in addiction treatment is almost always considered a positive thing. At Castle Craig Hospital, it is highly recommended. Support is a key part of the recovery process. Having your family and friends on the same page will help avoid relapse in the future. It is also crucial to rebuilding damaged relationships, a common …

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Concerns Over the Legalisation of Medical Cannabis for the Addiction Sector

Patient holding a medical cannabis pipe, Castle Craig rehab

On 5 March, the UN-backed International Narcotics Control Board released their annual report. The UN has finally published their long-awaited opinion on medical cannabis legalisation and programmes. They warn that poor implementation and quick expansion of programmes poses a risk to public health, particularly for recreational use. As we know at Castle Craig, long-term use …

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How Do I Prevent My Child From Becoming an Alcoholic?

Two young girls in forest; how do I prevent my child from becoming an alcoholic? Castle Craig rehab

If there was a surefire way of preventing your son or daughter from alcoholism or drug abuse, then addiction would be less of a problem. We still don’t know all the causes for alcoholism, and addiction. However, what we do understand about addiction is that genetics, environment, stress and other factors can all contribute to …

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