The Dangers of Social Drinking

group of friends drinking outside; dangers of social drinking, Castle Craig rehab

From celebrations to casual nights out, alcohol is nearly everywhere these days. Social drinking, especially in the UK, is a common part of our culture. About 57% of adults in Great Britain consume alcohol to some degree. And today, it seems almost unavoidable, especially when it comes to social gatherings. There are many reasons why …

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Is there an ‘Addictive Personality’?

man in hoodie with smoke and his hand covering his face; is there an addictive personality, Castle Craig rehab

You may be wondering if you or someone you know has an addictive personality. And probably, we’ve all been obsessed over something at some point. But is obsession the same as addiction? Does this mean we have an “addictive personality”? While some of us tend to get hooked on things more easily than others, the …

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What is a “Dry Drunk”?

irritated woman; what is a dry drunk, Castle Craig rehab

The term “dry drunk” may not make sense at first. After all, isn’t “Dry January” the same as “sober January”? So how can someone be sober and a drunk at the same time? A dry drunk is defined as a person who has become abstinent from alcohol, but maintains the same alcoholic behaviour patterns and …

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Grief and Addiction: Causes, Relapse, How to Cope

two women crying and holding hands; grief and addiction, Castle Craig rehab

Grief affects us all at some point in life. It is a natural emotional response to a traumatic experience, but it is also a complex process. No two people experience grief the same way and there is no normal period of grieving. For some people, it may last months, or years. It can have a …

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Alcohol Induced Panic Attacks: What are they and Can you Stop Them?

graffiti of panicked man; alcohol induced panic attacks, Castle Craig rehab

Alcohol can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes, these complications actually cause one to start drinking. No matter how you look at it, one has the potential to lead to the other. There is a clear correlation between alcohol and anxiety. The relationship between the two may be complex, but can also easily be …

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The Dangers of Mixing Painkillers and Alcohol

pile of painkiller pills; mixing painkillers and alcohol, Castle Craig rehab

Painkillers and alcohol are some of the most commonly mixed drugs – both intentionally and unintentionally. The abuse of painkillers or alcohol on their own is dangerous. But when combined, it can result in dangerous and potentially lethal side effects. Painkillers are commonly prescribed for a number of reasons such as an injury, chronic pain, …

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Cocaine Overdose: When it Happens, Symptoms, How to Help

cocaine powder in skull shape; cocaine overdose Castle Craig rehab

To a user, cocaine has this magical effect that makes you think you can keep going, no matter what. Your brain can’t handle another hour of work? A line can fix that. Too tired to party all night? A line can fix that too. Unfortunately, this superhuman feeling extends beyond that, and often makes people …

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The 7 Best Exercises for Addiction Recovery

two women doing push-ups; exercise in addiction recovery, Castle Craig rehab

Exercise is a key aspect of maintaining one’s health. It has been proven to offer many benefits for both physical and mental well-being. When it comes to addiction and recovery, exercise and physical activity can provide even more advantages which make the journey to sobriety easier. In addition to the positive feelings exercise gives everybody, …

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Alcoholism in the Workplace: When Drinking at Work Becomes a Problem

Woman drowning in wine glass; alcoholism in the workplace, Castle Craig

Whether you’re taking a sales client out for dinner and wine, or enjoying a pint with colleagues after work, it seems that alcohol definitely has its place in the business world. In fact, you may feel the pressure to engage in social drinking, just to get ahead at work. Unfortunately, when drinking becomes a regular …

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What is the role of psychotherapy in realising and sustaining recovery from addiction?

What is the role of psychotherapy in realising and sustaining recovery from addiction? By Guinever Robinson

Addiction is a chronic and debilitating disorder which is characterised by a compulsive need to partake in, and continue to partake in, some behaviour even when the behaviour becomes detrimental to the self. The category of addiction is broad and incorporates both substance-related addictions, such as alcohol dependence and drug abuse, and activity-related addictions, including …

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