What to Expect When You Leave Rehab

man leaving with suitcase; what to expect when you leave rehab, Castle Craig

Your life changed the moment you walked into a rehab. Now that your treatment is over, it’s about to change again. For some, the notion may be exciting; for others, terrifying. Life will not be the same as it was, in both good and challenging ways. But regardless of the challenges you are likely to …

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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Alcohol

Women with head in hands; BPD and alcohol, Castle Craig rehab

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a highly complex, stigmatised, and often misunderstood mental illness. So is addiction. Either one can make life very difficult for a person. Having both makes for an even bigger problem. Sadly, the rate of comorbidity between BPD and addiction, especially to alcohol, is extremely high. About half of those diagnosed …

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Emotional Sobriety: The Key to Addiction Recovery

sunrise over the ocean; emotional sobriety in addiction recovery, Castle Craig rehab

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is more than just becoming abstinent. A detox may help you get away from active addiction, but what stops you from going back to it, or trading one addiction for something else? The key is emotional sobriety. Given that there is no known cure for addiction, this is the …

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Alcohol Trends: Consumption Worldwide vs UK

globe on table; alcohol trends worldwide vs UK, Castle Craig rehab

A recent publication in The Lancet gave new insight into global alcohol trends. Some of the data was mildly alarming; some pleasantly surprising. Because alcohol impacts human well-being on many levels, it is important to understand how consumption has changed over time and how it may impact the future. Given that alcohol abuse and addiction …

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Problem Gambling in the UK: Still Rising but Finally Taken Seriously

arcade with gambling machines; problem gambling in the uk rising, Castle Craig rehab

Given the growing number of problem gamblers in the UK, the government, the NHS, and various charities have started to make gambling addiction a priority. The alarming rate at which gambling addiction in the UK and related problems are escalating has forced authorities to take more serious action. Although problem gambling was determined to be …

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