What Motivates an Addicted Person to Recover?

Time for change - Castle Craig rehab explores what motivates an addicted person in recovery

The first step in recovery is admitting that you have a problem; the second step is having the willingness to accept or get help. For many people, recognising that they are engaging in bad habits is not difficult, but finding the motivation to address their addiction can be tough. This is especially true for functioning …

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What is it Like Being a Functioning Alcoholic?

Drinking at a bar; what is a functioning alcoholic, Castle Craig rehab

We all know that one person who’s always up for happy hour and ready to drink for any occasion. Something to celebrate? Champagne! Something bad happened? Let’s drown our sorrows at the pub. Bored? Maybe a beer will spur inspiration. These are usually fun, social people, and in addition to their impressive drinking skills, they …

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Why Does Joining a Support Group Work?

Support group joining hands, Castle Craig drug and alcohol rehab

Mutual support groups are often a first line of recommended treatment for addiction and work very well during continuing care. Joining a support group offers plenty of benefits and have shown to increase your chances of recovery. Many rehabs and other addiction treatment providers encourage people to attend support groups after they leave treatment. Whether …

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Do I Have to Quit Drinking if my Partner is an Alcoholic?

A couple gazing at each other; do I have to quit drinking if my partner is an alcoholic? Castle Craig rehab

Recovery from an alcohol addiction can be tough, not just for the person in recovery, but also for those around them. Finding out that your partner has a drinking problem raises a lot of difficult topics that need to be dealt with. Thinking ahead, people may ask themselves, “What now? How will life be different …

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Can I Quit Addiction On My Own?

Man holds sign with 'stop drugs', quit addiction on your own, Castle Craig rehab

So you admitted you have a problem. Maybe you’ve proclaimed yourself as an alcoholic or drug addict, or maybe you simply think that you have developed a bad habit of drinking a few too many on the weekend. Now what? Many people, even those with a serious addiction, don’t instantly jump to the conclusion of …

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How Does Alcohol Affect a Person with Depression?

How Alcohol and Depression are linked | Castle Craig Hospital

It is widely known that consumption of alcohol and depression are linked, but the discussion of said link often turns into a “chicken or egg” debate. Does alcohol cause depression or are depressed people more prone to drinking alcohol? The reality is that both statements are true. You are drinking because you are depressed, and …

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Mindfulness in the New Year: 7 Tips for Recovery

Mindfulness in Recovery for the New Year at Castle Craig

The holiday season has just ended, and the rest of the new year is in front of us. This can be a stressful time of year – work has piled up over the break, we need to find a place for gifts, cleaning up after relatives who have visited, parties, scheduling time with family and …

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Memories of My First Day in AA

Memories of Chris Burn's First day in AA

by Chris Burn   ‘Keep It Simple’.   The words were written on a rather grubby looking card that was propped up on a shelf behind the speaker’s table. Similar cards bore slogans like ‘Easy Does It”,  A Day at a Time’ and the enigmatic ‘How Important is It?’  The room we were in was …

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How Cold Weather Affects Our Alcohol Consumption

How Cold Weather Affects Our Alcohol Consumption | Alcohol Rehab Treatment

  Dr Peter McCann    The news cycle often highlights the stark differences in drinking cultures in different parts of the world. The binge drinking culture of Great Britain leading to animalistic Friday night scenes on the streets is contrasted with the Southern European practice of sipping a glass of wine while enjoying a meal …

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Review of ‘Hooked’ – The inaugural Exhibition

Review of ‘Hooked’ – the Inaugural Exhibition

HOOKED – “We live in a highly addicted society. In a choice environment encompassing everything from social inequality, genetic predisposition and peer pressure, everyday things transform into addictive substances and behaviours. (Science Gallery, London” – publicity material for ‘Hooked’.) Addiction Addiction is all around us, because drugs are all around us (caffeine, alcohol and nicotine …

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Dangers of Shisha Smoking – Addiction Risks are Stronger than Cigarettes


The Shisha’s exotic appeal has turned it into a popular social ritual, especially among young adults. In recent years, shisha pipes have become more and more commonplace in restaurants and cafes throughout the world, including those of Europe and the British Isles. Aside from the novelty factor, shisha pipes have also peaked people’s interest as …

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