5 Tips for Self-Forgiveness in Recovery

flower in outstretched hands; self-forgiveness in recovery, Castle Craig rehab

Whether or not you celebrate Easter or another Spring holiday, spring is a time for renewal and change. It is a time for healing, moving on, and fresh starts. We often associate “Spring cleaning” with tidying up our homes, but this is also a perfect time to focus on self-care and spruce up our well-being. …

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Living with an Alcoholic

upset woman; living with an alcoholic, Castle Craig rehab

Many people recognise that being an alcoholic or having another addiction is a huge challenge. However, others suffer as well. Living with or being around an alcoholic or addict can be just as difficult. Whether you’re a friend, family member or a partner of an alcoholic, life is likely not easy for you. It gets …

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How Do I Find the Right Support Group in Recovery?

Support scrabble tiles; Finding the right recovery support group, Castle Craig rehab

If you have been in recovery for any length of time, you will know – addiction is a lifelong disease. Aftercare is a crucial aspect in recovery, and support groups play a key role in it. However, finding the best one for you can be a challenge. Every person has different needs and comforts. Every …

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Is There a Quick Treatment for Addiction?

Runners sprinting on track; what are options for quick addiction, Castle Craig rehab

You’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and have only begun your journey across the world. Then, you find a crack in the hull, through which water is slowly seeping. In a jiffy, you reach for some duct tape and tape over it. Problem solved? Sure, in the moment, it seems like …

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Is Starting a Relationship in Early Recovery a Bad Idea?

Couple holding hands; starting a new relationship in early recovery, Castle Craig rehab

Relationships, no matter how compatible two people are, require a lot of work in order to succeed. Many professionals recommend that anyone who is in early recovery should not form a new relationship for at least a year after treatment. And for a good reason. People starting a sober lifestyle are literally starting a new …

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The Reality of Being an Alcoholic Woman

Sad woman; reality of being an alcoholic woman, Castle Craig rehab

When imagining what an ‘alcoholic’ looks like, public perception is often far from reality. Just how many people would conjure up an image of a woman being an alcoholic? The reality is that the rate of women with alcoholism has been rising for decades now. The reality is that women are more prone to physical, …

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Building Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Friends hug on mountain; making healthy relationships in recovery, Castle Craig

We humans are a social species. It is in our nature to bond with others. Our desire to form lasting relationships not only gave us an advantage in evolution, but has also helped society progress to where we are today. In times of need, it is natural to want to reach out for friendship or …

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Can Substance Abuse Lead to Mental Illness?

Drowning- hand reaching above sea surface; how substance abuse can lead to mental illness, Castle Craig rehab

There is a well-known relationship between substance abuse and mental illness. At Castle Craig Hospital, we find that about half of people with alcohol or drug problems also have a co-occurring illness. Several factors influence this connection. In many cases, an underlying condition instigates substance abuse. However, substance abuse can also trigger mental illness itself. …

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Six Common Fears in Recovery

Man jumping across cliff; common fears in recovery; Castle Craig rehab

For someone who is addicted, there is a lot of fear about recovery. Even for people who have been in recovery for a long time, they can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Being afraid is quite common in recovery, and most people share the same fears. We’re here to tell you something: It’s okay to be afraid. …

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How Can Alcoholic Parents Affect a Child?

Child covering face; how does an alcoholic parent affect a child? Castle Craig rehab

Dealing with alcoholism isn’t easy for anyone. It can be especially tough when the alcoholic is a loved one, and more so when that loved one is a parent. While growing up isn’t easy for anybody, growing up with an alcoholic parent can take a long-lasting toll on one’s well-being. Decades of studies have shown …

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How Do I Help an Alcoholic Friend?

Helping hands reaching out; how to help an alcoholic friend, Castle Craig

So you got in touch with an old college friend, the one with whom you used to play “Never Have I Ever” over tequila shots. Except it’s five years later and now that you’re an adult, you drink more responsibly than before. Your friend, on the other hand, clearly hasn’t changed. In fact, the more …

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