iCAAD 2018 | Amsterdam

iCAAD 2018 | Amsterdam | Dual Diagnosis | Medical Addiction Events Conferences

Dual Diagnosis – The Expectation Not The Exception   Castle Craig Hospital are partner sponsors of a one day conference on dual diagnosis. The event is hosted by the International Conference on Addiction and Associated Disorders (ICAAD) in Amsterdam.  Location: Aristo Amsterdam, Teleportboulevard 100, 1043 EJ Amsterdam Date: 27th November 2018 Time: 9:30am – 17:30am …

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How Cold Weather Affects Our Alcohol Consumption

How Cold Weather Affects Our Alcohol Consumption | Alcohol Rehab Treatment

  Dr Peter McCann    The news cycle often highlights the stark differences in drinking cultures in different parts of the world. The binge drinking culture of Great Britain leading to animalistic Friday night scenes on the streets is contrasted with the Southern European practice of sipping a glass of wine while enjoying a meal …

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Review of ‘Hooked’ – The inaugural Exhibition

Review of ‘Hooked’ – the Inaugural Exhibition

HOOKED – “We live in a highly addicted society. In a choice environment encompassing everything from social inequality, genetic predisposition and peer pressure, everyday things transform into addictive substances and behaviours. (Science Gallery, London” – publicity material for ‘Hooked’.) Addiction Addiction is all around us, because drugs are all around us (caffeine, alcohol and nicotine …

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Computer Gaming – Addiction or Obsession?

Computer Gaming – Addiction or Obsession

Is spending long hours on one activity always an addiction? Many children spend long hours playing computer games. Six to ten hours per day is not uncommon.  if you’re a parent, you may be worried that computer gaming is an addiction. But is that really the case? After all, people spend long hours doing a …

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“You’re All Caught Up!” – Instagram hopes to beat addiction


“You’re All Caught Up!” – You May Now Resume Your Day: Instagram Takes a Step to Join the Humane Technology Movement The popular social media platform, Instagram, added a new feature that will (hopefully) help people use their apps in moderation. This update, along with other platforms’ similar efforts, is seen as a milestone for …

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Demi Lovato on Addiction and Recovery

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s New Single “Sober” is Shining the Spotlight on the Struggle of Addiction and Recovery The tabloids, news and social media always keep us on our toes, especially with celebrity gossip. Some may argue that Demi Lovato’s mysterious tweets of a soon-to-be-revealed “truth” is a ploy for attention, but the revelation behind the “truth” …

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What is Inpatient Rehab Like? – A Patient’s Perspective

Inpatient Rehab clinic

This article will give you insight of a patient experience of residential rehab. From initial anxieties and concerns to explaining how new routines have helped… If you’re trying to decide whether an inpatient rehab clinic is the right choice for you then read on…   This interview was done on Tuesday July 24th with a …

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Cryptocurrency Trading: The Tale of the Modern-Day Casino

Cryptocurrency Trading

One of the trendiest gambling joints of the modern age is not located in Las Vegas or Macau or Monte Carlo – it can be found in most houses, offices and pockets or purses – Cryptocurrency Trading. In the 21st century, anyone can place bets on horse races, sports, or the stock market from the …

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Is Social Media deliberately addictive?

The dangers of addiction to social media

Conspiracy to Confession: A Behind-the-Scenes Investigation Uncovers Social Media’s Deliberately Addictive Design In most eyes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are seen as a positive addition to our lives. They allow us to stay in touch with friends, reconnect with old colleagues, share funny stories, pictures and videos; and keep up with the latest trends. …

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Cannabis – Decriminalise but Don’t Legalise?

the legalisation of cannabis

The Legalisation of Cannabis On Friday July 6th, a private members bill introduced by Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West  – the Legalisation of Cannabis (Medicinal Purposes) Bill, will receive its second reading. It is hoped that this will bring relief to thousands of sick people in the UK by legalising the use of cannabis …

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Fortnite and the Far-Reaching Consequences of Gaming Addiction

Fortnite gaming addiction

A dystopian world and a world-wide broadcasted death match. One hundred players stranded on an island; only one will survive. This is not the plot of the latest Hunger Games movie – this is Fortnite. Developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, this survival game has swept the world and has made many people, …

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