PR / Public Relations / Press Specialist (Belgium)

We are seeking a PR / public relations  or press specialist to help with a press release for Belgium.

We are a private mental health hospital in Scotland, and the press release covers a legal judgement in Belgium on healthcare.


· Understands the health sector

· Identify the best way to facilitate the release – through the “Wires” – e.g. Press Association, or through individual relevant media outlets.

· Know which outlets to target for the release

· Liaise with the media to promote the release

· Monitor media coverage and determine if there are any opportunities for interviews; arrange interviews

· Liaise with our team

· The release has already been written in English. The ideal candidate would be able to translate the document into both Flemish and French for release, or identify an appropriate translator for one of the languages.

· Should be able to think on your feet, work under pressure, and have good organisational skills

Job Types: Temporary, Contract

Please send your completed applications to [email protected]