We are pleased to announce that Dr. Glynis Read PhD, has been appointed to the position of Treatment Coordinator at Castle Craig Hospital. Glynis Read is a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist, who will now oversee the management of our therapy teams and the development of the therapeutic programme. The
A statement from Charles Kennedy’s family soon after his death acknowledged that he had lost his life to alcoholism. As the tributes poured in, and the memorial services took place, his family and friends will surely have been comforted by an overwhelmingly warm-hearted and generous response. Charles Kennedy was clearly
The Recovery Cafe is a phenomenon started in the US that has been taken up in the UK in the past ten years. The concept is to provide an alcohol-free social environment where people in recovery can socialise without being judged or scrutinised. In the UK, against a backdrop of
Arrogance and ideas of superiority are a notable characteristic of alcoholics and people with a drug addiction. This aspect of addiction is caused by low self-esteem and it is a defence mechanism that many addicts and alcoholics use as a mask to cover up their shame and their feelings of
Imagine a room full of people. You don’t know anyone. Your hands are sweaty. You want to talk to someone but don’t know what to say. Your heart starts beating faster. You feel an overwhelming sense of panic. Now imagine feeling like that in every social encounter you have –
Can rappers help others recover from addiction? Born in the Bronx in the 1970s, original hip hop culture was all about being positive and breaking boundaries. It evangelised the idea of making the most out of your lot and believing in the possibility of change. From Grandmaster Flash and the
Just after 9am outside most chemist shops in Scotland you can see groups of emaciated people gathering. They are waiting to get their ‘dose’ of Methadone, prescribed to help them withdraw from heroin. It’s becoming a familiar sight all over the UK and it’s a lucrative business, with some chemists