To find out how one person’s addiction can impact the life of those living with them, I spoke to Rose. She is now 30 and lived with a cannabis addict. Until today, Rose’s ex-boyfriend didn’t get treatment. Read below what she told me about addiction and how their relationship was affected by it: The Secrecy I came
We all say sorry on many occasions every week, and that important word can roll easily off our tongues. It’s when we realise how terribly wrong we were that saying “sorry” becomes truly painful. Most of the pain comes from facing up to your past mistakes, which is particularly difficult for people in recovery. Fashion designer and
A new study by Castle Craig Hospital and Christo Research Systems has shown highly impressive outcomes for patients admitted to the renowned residential rehabilitation clinic in Scotland. The research supports the effectiveness of Castle Craig’s model of treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. The study was commissioned by Castle Craig Netherlands B.V., and focuses on all patients
If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, your solution could be identifying and addressing substance abuse in the workplace. Addressing health issues today is not merely a ‘virtuous circle’ but a hard economic factor with high stakes, as the following UK statistics highlight: £7.3billion a year is lost in productivity due to alcohol
Smarmore Castle Private Clinic, a new 22 bed residential rehabilitation clinic, opens in November 2015 in the Republic of Ireland. It is the third residential clinic to be opened by Peter and Dr Margaret Ann McCann. Their first two clinics – Clouds House, and Castle Craig, have gone on to achieve great acclaim for consistent high standards.
Castle Craig Hospital underwent an inspection by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) on 1st and 2nd September. This was an unannounced inspection, as part of a regular system of inspections that all healthcare institutions are subject to. The inspection was extensive and the inspectors searching in their scrutiny of  compliance with our quality assurance systems and the standards set by HIS. I
We admire the discipline and camaraderie of the military but the British military environment nurtures a binge drinking culture that can be a springboard for addiction. Alcohol Abuse is Ripe Within the Military A 2010 study by King’s College London showed that 13% of British servicemen were misusing alcohol. Most of those interviewed were veterans of the