Why Did My Loved One Relapse After Rehab?

Man staring out of window; why did my loved one relapse, Castle Craig rehab

Relapse, like addiction, has a complex definition. It is a three-stage, sometimes long-term, process and does not necessarily mean that a recovering alcoholic or drug user has fallen back into their old ways. To understand why your loved one entered relapse, it is important to comprehend what causes relapse and how it progresses. Drug and …

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How to Help Someone who is Relapsing

Upset man surrounded by helping hands, how to help someone who is relapsing

Relapse is not an event; it is a process, and it happens in stages. A relapse doesn’t always mean that the person has started to use drugs or alcohol again. Relapse can mean that the person is slowly losing stability and setting themselves up for relapse. A common question that we get is simply – …

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