Computer Gaming – Addiction or Obsession?

Computer Gaming – Addiction or Obsession

Is spending long hours on one activity always an addiction? Many children spend long hours playing computer games. Six to ten hours per day is not uncommon.  if you’re a parent, you may be worried that computer gaming is an addiction. But is that really the case? After all, people spend long hours doing a …

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Gaming Addiction or Gaming Disorder

gaming addiction treatment

What is gaming addiction or gaming disorder? Gaming addiction or gaming disorder is a behavioural addiction to computer, video or online games. Some professionals may also categorise it under Internet or technology addiction. Gaming addiction is similar to a gambling addiction in that the person plays to win. Winning can mean completing a mission or …

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Fortnite and the Far-Reaching Consequences of Gaming Addiction

Fortnite gaming addiction

A dystopian world and a world-wide broadcasted death match. One hundred players stranded on an island; only one will survive. This is not the plot of the latest Hunger Games movie – this is Fortnite. At Castle Craig – we can help with treating Gaming Addiction. Developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, this …

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