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What is crisis care and how to access emergency care for addiction

What is crisis care and how to access emergency care for addiction

Crisis Care & Emergency Admissions for Addiction

An addictions crisis describes a situation where a someone’s behaviour exposes them to a greater risk of harming themselves or others through drugs or alcohol. You may have heard of this described as ‘rock bottom’. Their mental health disorder and/or substance abuse could have prevented them from being able to care efficiently for themselves or function properly within their communities.

Anyone can experience a mental health crisis, at any time in their life. The crisis or breakdown may have been brought on by initial feelings of guilt, anger and grief – but whatever the reason, seeking immediate help at this point can often be your only chance for a safe recovery.

Castle Craig’s enhanced 24/7 emergency detox and mental health placement service helps hundreds of addicted individuals every year.

This dedicated service aims to serve adults 18+ with addiction and co-occurring mental health problems 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Call: 01721 722 763.

Get 24/7 confidential help now.

“Castle Craig is less than 5 hours by train from London or a 60-minute flight or 3 hours from Manchester by train.”

Our emergency placement programme can place adults into a hospital environment if they are suffering from:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • A behavioural addiction, gaming, gambling, social media addiction etc.
  • Dual diagnosis conditions – this means addiction accompanied by associated mental health conditions that also need treatment like depression, anxiety, trauma or grief (all mental health disorders) and some eating disorders.

Castle Craig is primarily an addiction treatment centre that also offers support and care for mental health issues.

prescription drug addiction

How our crisis care works:

All calls are confidential

  1. A trained addiction specialist will complete an urgent risk assessment during your call
    1. How to arrange a call
  2. Our team will organise your placement as we invite you in for an in-person assessment (admissions can be processed in 24 hours or less – if the paperwork and GP approval are organised quickly at your end)
  3. In emergencies, we respond instantly upon receiving the information – Castle Craig is a large hospital placed within 50 acres of beautiful countryside. We have 10 beds in our detox unit with round-the-clock nursing and medical care, which means we often have more availability than other rehabs
  4. Upon arrival, our medical staff and multidisciplinary teams assess, manage and stabilise the individual
  5. After our clinical assessment, the duration of stay will be advised alongside the adequate treatments and therapies needed. A free aftercare plan will also be included in the treatment fees.

The mental health professionals involved

  • Medical Director: Dr Jonathon Chick will oversee your treatment. An eminent consultant psychiatrist, Dr Chick has had a highly distinguished career in the NHS. A leading researcher in the field of addiction, he is frequently published in peer-reviewed journals and his work is in association with the BMA and MCA.
  • Psychiatrists: Our consultant psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialise in psychiatry. They will be in charge of your inpatient care plan and medication.
  • Registered Nurses: Our 15 nurses will continuously assess your progress and provide essential emotional support and encouragement. They will also be in charge of administering your medication as well as monitoring your overall health.
  • Therapists: Castle Craig is home to 14 resident therapists, with a roster of invited visiting specialists in addition to this. These are licensed professionals who will conduct one to one therapy sessions.

Other staff involved in your recovery include EMDR and CBT trained psychotherapists, therapists that specialise in gambling addiction and sexual compulsivity, fitness trainers, complementary therapy facilitators and an admissions team.

Identifying a crisis: How to recognise the signs of a breakdown

  • Your loved one has manifested behaviours such as drastic mood swings
  • They experience sleepless nights
  • They might be harming themselves
  • Your loved one appears chaotic and out of control
  • They are erratic and not themselves
  • Rapid mood swings, possibly abusive
  • They cannot be left alone
  • The inability to perform daily tasks (getting dressed, bathing, eating etc)
  • Increased agitation and risk-taking, unusual behaviour
  • Abusive behaviour to themselves and those around them
  • Isolation from work, friends, family and school (social isolation)
  • Paranoia and delusion

The risk of suicide

Suicide is a major concern for any individual experiencing mental health conditions and addiction issues. Those feeling suicidal will experience an overwhelming emotional pain that is made up of loneliness, hopelessness, powerlessness, shame, guilt, rage, self-hatred and worthlessness.

Common thoughts that require crisis care

  • I would rather be dead than alive
  • If I was dead others would be better off
  • I am nothing, and my life is worth nothing
  • There’s nothing worth living for
  • Nothing matters anymore

Encouraging help will be the first essential step towards safety. ANY talk of suicide MUST be taken very seriously, if your loved one has attempted this before, the risk is far greater.

If you fear that your loved one is at risk of suicide and needs professional and medical help, you must not hesitate when seeking help. In cases of life and death emergencies always call 999. Call the Samaritans for suicide support on 116 123.

If you need urgent admission for detox from drugs or alcohol speak to us here at Castle Craig, we will guide you through the admissions process.

If you feel like you are heading down a negative path and your life is spiralling out of control from your alcoholism or drug addiction, then it’s time to get in touch with us.

Get 24/7 confidential help now.

Crisis interventions

The everyday experience of individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol and have mental health issues is unfathomable to many people. And as each user’s pain is unique, there is no easy way to understand the depth of their feelings.

Those individuals, on top of these feelings also often face overdoses, evictions, legal challenges, abuse and other harmful, stressful situations because of their circumstances.

Again, this pushes them further away from seeking and getting the help they need.

As addiction is seldom conquered alone, sometimes we all need that little push or encouragement to seek the crisis intervention they need to give them back their sense of hope.

Types of treatment: Inpatient & outpatient help

There are several ways individuals can obtain help from crisis intervention specialists, rehabs or through medical professionals and licensed therapists. Here at Castle Craig, we have a full medical staff.

Admissions Case Manager

As pioneers in addiction treatment we know that if you are in a crisis then residential treatment is the best option for you – you will be somewhere safe away from your chaotic personal life, taken care of by a 24/7 medical team, able to identify with those around you who are also on their journey into recovery. Because we are a private hospital we can efficiently and successfully care for our patients and we’ve seen how successful our approach can be. Our inspectors rated our Leadership as ‘Exceptional’ in December 2020.

We understand that people come from different backgrounds and may be unable to receive direct access from high-grade medical professionals, and sadly just become a number on a very long waiting list. But we’re here for you too because quality care is at the centre of everything we do.

A specialist doctor is available exclusively to Castle Craig, onsite, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergency. Read more.

Please don’t wait for disaster to happen or a crisis to occur – prevent it. Call us now on 01721 728118.

Admissions to Castle Craig

While our admissions team is able to arrange a very quick turnaround in cases where urgent detox and treatment are needed, a number of factors need to be in place to ensure this happens quickly. 

  • Our consent documents are signed digitally so this happens as quickly as possible
  • Payment can be taken over the phone,
  • If you need sign-off from your insurer we help move that along quickly from our end,
  • Sometimes delays occur at the GP end, particuarly if you are using an NHS GP – there can be 24-48 hour delays for the paperwork to get to us before we can process your admission fully. If you are using a private GP there is often a faster turnaround. We giving you guidance on this where we can. 

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